The BEST Garage Shelving – Easy One Person Project

The BEST Garage Shelving – Easy One Person Project

Building garage shelving is easy and inexpensive with our method! In this video we show you everything you need to know.




vinoth bv says:

How did you make pocket holes ? With the help of jig or just drilling at an angel ? Thanks

Ndeem99 Nadeem says:

How you could fix the wood in the wall at the beginning .

Aiden&Andrews Adventure says:

New subscriber here..!
really nice job hope you can subscribe as well

loveusoc says:

Lol…Haha genius

Patrick Annunziata says:

If you are going to demonstrate how to build something you should also discuss safe use of tools and PPE. You saw cut the plywood and your safety glasses remained on top of your head instead of over your eyes.

mancalledclay says:

that's exactly how my garage is done…straight onto wafer-board as well!! good job….!

Aurelio Lopez says:

I planning using your plans shelves. I just want to know if I can use 2×3 instead of 2×4.

Ted Munson says:

That's not plywood.

Tom Truesdale says:

Great idea for the shelves. This method could also be used to make bunk beds in a cabin. Simple, cheap and sturdy

Denise Spencer says:

This is an extremely helpful and informative video. Thank you!

Lincoln's Creations and Rentals says:

Great job, I did something similar to build a wood rack in a cove in my workshop.

naptownsfinest2345 says:

strongly suggest putting a cut snug 2x4s inside the levels legs… only thing holding now is those couple screws, should make it 86.5% stronger.

americanalltheway Redneck says:

best shelving..and one mam can handle the build..Thanks

William Gallaher says:

Very nice.
I subscribed, thank you for sharing.
Have a great day!

Travis Mcghee says:

Great job! Thanks for the tip. Gonna build these in the garage. Just what I have needed for a while. I can't even wall through my garage right now.

J B says:

I did this. If you don't want to deal with cutting the plywood, HomeDepot will cut it for you. Saved me time and a tool πŸ™‚

Lou Fazio says:

Just dropping in to say 2x3s are probably way sufficient for the horizontals.

MAE HAY says:

I wish you could have built our garage shelves because you know what you are doing as the lady who first bought our home put in store bought unit that is poorly built and I don’t know any way to add support to the sagging shelves done with the thinnist support system without tearing out the whole unit and start over. Thank you for sharing how the pros do a better job by far! πŸ‘

Interested Observer says:

Your wife is brilliant!

Eric Fialkowski says:

One suggestion, look for the low point on your floor and measure the first shelf from there. My garage floor is a little over 1 inch lower on one side over the 12 foot span.

Stephanie Grimson says:

You have inspired us to build shelving in our workshop.

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