The LZ Garage Project: Saber Cabinets E2

The LZ Garage Project:  Saber Cabinets E2

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Omar_ap2_rio says:

Beautifully done Matt 💪🏽

Design, Kicks, & Paper says:

I just ordered mine. I can't wait to get my garage in order.

Redy360Ti says:

What model/size are those Air King fans ? they good great in the garage.

christoffer1973 says:

you can use small peaces of dynamat to damp the noise from the metall. sorry my bad English writing. I'm a Norwegian subscriber…

christoffer1973 says:

one tip on upper cabinets… Use jack stands. easy to take away when the cabinet is bolted/screwed to the wall.

Nate Sullivan says:

now Sticker Bomb

Tony Elknis says:

Did you guys decide on air compressor and tire machine yet?

jcaustin87 says:

I think Alberto and Matt would be an interesting dynamic on a car project….

Rob2368 says:

Awesome ! Next at my house Matt ! !! 😀 😀

CasperTheHemi says:

A collaboration between you and Alberto would be awesome. Not sure what the content would be but the potential is definitely there!

Terry R says:

Hey Matt how can I remove cquartz and what polish should I use to remove it

braydensdeals says:

What's going on with the Porsche ? Did I miss a update ? Wondering how the bumper turned out on it and the wiring? Thanks man keep up the vids

Bulky2 Built says:

Love your videos matt becoming "obsessed" lol keep it up

Richard Burns says:

I'd pay to see Matt in a pair of those lady-boy skinny jeans that Skat wears

Terry R says:

Hey Matt what are your thought about wash and wax soaps

Alan H says:

The fans aren't evenly spaced above wall cabinets. Please plan more to get it dialled in!!!!

Alan H says:

Why not loosen the screws before yanking out the pallet and wash buckets??? Possible scratching the worktop

mousetrap 134 says:

Nice work Guys looks sharp ! does Al have an injury or something or is he a blue collar worker sitting down all the time :0/

Henri G says:

It hurts to see a drill used to adjust the hinges, a screwdriver is the right tool for that fine adjustment.

Morten Nielsen says:

This is how i want my garage to be, but i cant even afford a house. Even thoug i am more focused on the garage then the house it self. xD

Sean Harris says:

that product is very nice!!
content is great!!
thanks Matt and Adam!

kh155 says:

Beautiful! Will there be a cost breakdown of the total build after this series is complete?

Ricky Gonzales says:

This setup reminds me of Matt's old garage space at his old house. Very nice!

Taylor Royal says:

Any reason why you didn't choose to forgo two of the middle base cabinets and make a workbench space? I'm assuming aesthetics. It looks great but I'd have to have some space to be able to sit and work if it was me.

New phone who dis? says:

He should take you out to a drift event! Or you take the gt350! XD (even though I know it's not going to happen) aha

elias meyer says:

Fighting happiness penalty efnuqi household cancel adoption six.

azurebluemach says:

That pic taken just outside looking in the garage is sick. It's like you're standing at the pearly gates of heaven.

Anthony B says:

There is def a father/son vibe happening here… nice to see Alberto making an appearance on the OG channel.

Really like the color choices, great job!!

ClownFace1511 says:

Get some RGB led strips and put it under the floating drawers. Have them red like car neons would be mad.

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