Ultimate DIY Garage Storage | Organization Ideas on a BUDGET!!

Ultimate DIY Garage Storage | Organization Ideas on a BUDGET!!

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For a long while, I’ve needed to fix my garage with useful garage storage that will help me continue to work in my tiny garage to continue with boat building and bait making projects. I think I’ve come up with a pretty good solution! Organization in your garage is paramount to the success of your projects. we have a few good garage storage ideas this time around.

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0:41 Garage storage and organization ideas.
0:57 Tools, Parts & Materials for this garage storage project
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CannaveraPainFree4Life says:

What kind and size rivets do you use? Sealed closed ended? Or just regular aluminum rivets. I assume the normal rivets leak? Or do you use sealed rivets on the ones that go through the hull? Are they 3/16”? And I can see from your videos that the framing rivets are open ended.

Ty Saunders says:

Hey bruh, it gets two thumbs up and two big toes up from me. You had a vision and made it happen so that's what's up. Excellent job!👌🏾

Mez Rebel Outdoors says:

The stuff you build is amazing. I have a boat. I need to do this stuff!

Adam Robbins Hobbies says:

https://youtu.be/WpXRLEd1C2w you need to do a video on this man!!

Daniel H says:

that is actually a realy good idea putting metal on the wood and the gray paint, looks really good god job

Wild Bill says:

Awesome Job Michael! thanks for taking the time to make this video. just being organized is going to make everything else easier / faster / better for you. can't wait for the next video!

WM Weekend Warrior says:

The aluminum made a huge cosmetic difference. Very cool.

Bradyn K says:

Sweet build.

markymark3075 says:

Great result, thanks!

Almon Jacob says:

Micheal, questions about two part pour foam. 1st can I use it as my only foam? 2nd will it stick to wood during the expansion process? I would like to put temporary wood along the floor ribbing, install drainage tubes and fill the void with foam. Once expanded remove the temporary wood, and cut off the extra foam before installing the final flooring.

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