6-14-13 Project Mayhem – Essential Garage Gym

6-14-13 Project Mayhem – Essential Garage Gym

Rich Froning and Thomas Cox talk about what their essentials would be for their garage gym

@CrossFitMayhem what would be the main essentials if you’re trying to get a home gym together on a limited budget? #cfprojectmayhem



Anthony Mcqueen says:

Starting my own gym in my new house im debating between Rogue or Eleiko any advise youtube ???

Yanglin Luo says:

I'm a huge fan of rogue but there's no rogue shop in New Zealand, the shipping costs double of the product itself! I might hv to go for the again faster 🙁

AnAppeal ToHeaven says:

While Rogue does make the best shit, and my dream garage gym would have nothing but Rogue and a C2, this sounds awfully like a Rogue commercial. Just throwing that out there.

Matty Watson says:

Blah crap blah.

13TeNNiStA13 says:

Actually, even though rogue products are MUCH more expensive than other brands the echo bumper plates are actually the cheaper on the market for bumpers. For any other gym equipment look on other sites u'll find them for way cheaper. (i'm form italy and trying to create my own room gym. i got a pretty huge room). Mood3 olympic bar, physionics multi use bench, rogue echo bumpers,bodysolid mat for the floor. Hope i helped someone with his garage gym. Bye! 🙂

Underwaterer says:

Rouge stuff is awesome. I have never been disappointed with anything I have bought from them. The quality is top notch, made in USA and made to last!

Tuffrail Heavybag mount says:

Maximize your space.  Secure, hang and slide fitness equipment overhead.   Check out our demo videos on you tube – search TuffRail
Safely anchor heavy bags, climbing ropes, yoga hammocks, and gymnastic rings, resistance bands, resistance tubes, suspension straps, slam ropes, etc. 

SuperAmazingKneeShot says:

Anyone would think hes selling out here. But the rogue gear is actually good gear. Beats all the bulky heavy shit sold that only a worldclass powerlifter could somehow damage.

jose mcflow says:

if you wanna save money go with the rogue beater bar and pendlay bumper plates

Malinda Landewela says:

Everyone has the valuable gift to bulk up–but very few actually use it. Copy and Paste Into Google MAD Muscle Ripper and discover how to utilize your gift.

7EDav says:

How about 16 and plan on going to the army at 18?

KUNIIZ says:

Ya but his 200lbs is pure muscle and very little fat…Some of the biggest bodybuilders in the world are 230lbs

sappymammal says:

rogue does have some relatively inexpensive bars on their site. even starting with that beater bar is pretty decent… i think thats what that its called right?

Alan Perez says:

Oakley Project Mayhem shirt?? Where can I buy this?!?

Dirty Needlez says:

In New Zealand we just use old engine blocks, unused digger chains, truck axles, dozer tyres and rocks. easy peasy.

machguitar9 says:

Rich Froning said in a recent Crossfit video that he is 5'9" and weighs 200lbs. When I tell my father I'm 6' 203 lbs he looks at me like I'm the fattest man on earth, now I can smile and say the Fittest Man is 5'9", 200lbs. Sweet.

Jonathan .jasonthington says:

not too young

CrossFit Mayhem says:

I would try to find a good CrossFit Kids program that has teen classes. At this point you should be focused on becoming proficient at the movements while concentrating on form. Do not worry about weight.

MrDblock86 says:

Just wanted to post i found Rogue wood rings on Craigs list i am getting in the morning so pumped !

MrDblock86 says:

Just figured i would ask. Train Hard Pray Harder

Air Wolf says:

He's right about CL. I found a $20 sqaut/bench rack, plenty of cheap weighted plates and a bench. The bar that I bought for $100 is from amazon " Body Solid Olypic Bars"

Air Wolf says:

I bought this bar for $100. I have been using it for about 2 months and no problems, made my box for about $35 20x24x30, working on finishing my rope which cost me $20, I did the T-bar KB and it works great, basketball/medicine ball from Walmar @ $5 which also works great, use gorilla tape to tape up the ball. I found probably the least expensive place for bumper plates if you near Austin,TX. Its called Fringe and they sell online but its less expensive if you go there to buy it.

Lucas Kruiniger says:

I was 15 when I started. You should be allright, I think. Just don't lift too heavy weight and concentrate on your technique.

Trey Wetjen says:

I'm 14 and I really want to start…am I too young or should I have at it?

Jay says:

#CFProjectMayhem Hey Rich, what do you think of cycling strength programs? Have you ever followed any set strength programs such as the Wendler 5-3-1 or the Westside Conjugate Method, and if so, do you implement them in your training leading up to competition?

1221Muck says:

After this video I researched Dan and Rich Rogue profile and noticed that Rich played hockey. as a Canadian Im big fan of hockey and I wanted to know whats your team, favorite player, what position did you play and at what level.

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