A Look Inside Of Our Garage Gym

A Look Inside Of Our Garage Gym

I’ve had a lot of you asking what’s all in our Garage Gym, where we got it, and how much some of our equipment cost. Here’s a vlog showing yall what we’re working with including; Rogue Reverse Hyper, Power Rack, Power Tower, Hammer Strength Bench, ect.

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Dakota Drone says:

That is a really awesome gym! Makes me wanna get my own! Also I am so sorry for some of these creepy comments you get you don't need that!

rjae Jr4800 says:

That booty looks perfect in those shorts WOW!

shadowthahedgehog33 says:

Man what's up with the pervs on here despite her being married there running rapid in the comment section must be a full moon out

Alberto Sanchez says:

Please touch your toes !

morland says:

Nice Tookuss! What was she talking about?

Daniel says:

I would fuck the shit out of her

Jack Brydges says:

Love these gym setups but hardly any of them have a treadmill or other cardio equipment..

Menachem Mendelbaum says:

Could you redo this wearing a bikini?

1966johnnywayne says:

That's some quality equipment you've got there…and the "little gash", well, I think I could learn to live with it 😉

Jordan Levesque says:

The first machine was too much for what it does and for a home gym; however everything else they got really good deals on! That's a pretty sweet home gym. A little better than mine.

SirKingHoff says:

sexxyyy, even after havin kids. MILF ALERT

Lonnie Curtis says:

aww your married,nice garage gym though.good luck

Alex Uchiha says:

solo yo estuve viendo el trasero de la guera wuao chulada de mujer

Chuck Norris says:

Your ass is amazing

Barbells and Beauty says:

I'm setting up a home gym in my garage, and I can only hope that eventually, mine will be as nice as yours!

wally burdiez says:


Wendy Reshetar says:

What is the name and brand of the smaller bar? Great gym by the way!!!

GwasBro says:

Blimey shes a hot one aint she lads

Iairon says:

i wasn't prepared for that booty

Imogen Ecal says:

Nice and beautiful

argy yia says:

Great feet and erected nipples

Mirza says:

1k for that first machine ?😯 you couldve made it for like a 100$😁

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