DIY: Building the Buff Dudes Power Rack

DIY: Building the Buff Dudes Power Rack

Building the Buff Dudes power rack. Credit to DIY Duke and the Buff Dudes team for this guide. This was a fun project and learning experience. Total materials cost was ~$250.

Check out the Buff Dudes video here:



Buff Dudes says:

This looks amazing Azan, great work! Our dad (Duke) just let us know about this video over the weekend. Apologize for not checking it out sooner. How is it continuing to hold up? Again, congrats! Video was well edited too!

Aven Norfleet says:

Great work!

muffemod says:

reflect on your choice to drill hoes without a drill press ^___^ holy shit that sucks!

Carmelo Bruno says:

distance from one hole to another

Manny Montero says:


Kurt Martin says:

How much was the cost??

Christopher Germany says:

Just built mine, and discovered that if you use a black iron pull-up bar the same width as the inside of the rack, you can just mount it with two floor flanges. Then, you don’t need the front top piece of wood. The bar works in its place!

Dexter McLaughlin says:

Should I paint/stencil the uprights before assembling the rack?

Tom Carusone says:

How much weight can that handle??

Papà Pucy says:

Troppo bassa puoi fare poche cose

Carmelo Bruno says:

how much is wide?

wasteland viking says:

Good job building this…worst song ever lol

John Doh says:

Looks terrible close up

John Doh says:

The buff dude is so tiny

Marie Ferreira says:

2:16 looks like he's masturbating

Javier Baez says:

This is really cool lol. I just built a dumbbell rack. I know it’s not the same as a power rack but I was wondering if you’d go check it out lol

DGK MTF says:

I'm totally stealing this design… thanks for the upload.

moustafa mortada says:

I was just asking myself watching the buff dad, man how can I do that he’s a pro .. then I saw your video, you’re an inspiration of resilience and perfection..thank you Azan!

Jeff Boothe says:

Do you need all the holes?

Antonio Scalese says:

Hi ,nice video ,can you tell me the measures of the power rack ,thank you

Jason Lee says:

Very nice work

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