DIY Home Gym Equipment

DIY Home Gym Equipment

Mark shows you how easy it is to make your own versatile workout equipment right at home. All you need for these homemade Parallettes is some PVC pipe and a good strong glue. And check out all of the different exercises you can perform with these! Can you think of any others? Share with us in the comments, and be sure to tag us on social media if you make your own parallettes!

Thanks to Mark Samara for sharing this DIY!

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Allexandru Prroca says:

like for hapiness and smile

The Cabbage says:

aweeesooome. i'd make them with scaffolding though. more secure. don't want to hurt your fingers

Tiara Shop World says:
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pappa7t3 says:

There not high enough

Image And Art says:

You can do calisthenics too

wild smooth says:

I also use it as a rack when I'm benching although the heavy weights make it sag.

Mark Clement Gragasin says:

what is its measurement?

Gamzee Makara says:

When he goes up from a push up it looks like his shoulders are imploding.

Kurt Younker says:

Samara is the name of our town here in Costa Rica. Interesting

alexis addison says:

hes cuuuuuutttttteeee

Martin Black says:

what a plum

Cake Flirt says:

Hey Mark, great idea! If you want to properly fuse pieces of PVC together though, you really don't want any kind of glue. You want PVC cement (make sure to use that lovely purple primer first!), as it literally fuses the two pieces of plastic into one. Kind of like a weld. Very strong! Also, I recommend Schedule 80 PVC (higher schedule = greater wall thickness) for added strength, especially along the longer pieces.

Drop Weight Daddy says:

Great Video Mark

24AnVRodri says:

great for soccer practice as well. kicking between them makes you work on your accuracy

Miles Brown says:

Can't I just do this in my bathtub

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