DIY How To Build A Home Gym (On A Budget)

DIY How To Build A Home Gym (On A Budget)

How I bought aw Material For My DIY Build A Home Gym (On A Budget) I spent less than $500 on the home garage gym setup. Not quite the Rogue Monster Rig 2.0 Station but for a DIY home built project this pull up bar home fitness station is the perfect at home gym on a budget. I’ll review the material that I used and give you a home gym review as I walk through and show you some of the workouts you can use this home gym for. You can use this same idea for a garage gym, backyard gym or anywhere that you have room to build a gym at home. Do it yourself has always been what excites me and I look forward to building more equipment for home gyms in the future.



SoCal-IstheniX Bryan Bruton says:

Respect and thanks to everyone supporting the change in content.
Let's get this workout lit💯💯💯

YoungRay510xEastxBay says:

ILL ass set up….

UnderDog D00d says:

Hey B, this setup you created is F'n incredible!

Stew Ball says:

Nice place dude!


Respect homie. Great video, well filmed ✌️

Snowy says:

Can't watch this till l8r. As about to crash, as i've just finished a nightshift Bryan. Though i'm excited bout this post brother. I'm on min wage. So have to work 16hr nights, 7 nights a week to get by. Getting set up on a budget is EXACTLY what i need. REAL TALK! Gratitude bud. As usual, peace & love from Scotland B. Stay healthy. 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Renee Bradford says:

So are the resistance bands with with handles better?

Christy M says:

Hey B! Nice job! Always hit the 👍💯… Stay safe 🙏❤️

Moe Beers says:

Dude that’s awesome how you built that on your own.

Sa Mo says:

we getting more prison workouts right??!!

xCGCxGOxGETxITx says:

You and Big Lance both switched up genres. Do what you enjoy B. Respect as always.

legionnairearchery says:

Nice!! Thanks for showing us this 👌👍

Chris Cruz says:

Nice set up B!

Cody Thrive says:

I love that you literally built a home gym that you can use to train anything. I’ve been loving the videos. Motivating me to get better at my pull-ups and muscle ups. Long way to go.

Stefan Struhs says:

You should get into personal training and life coaching via videolink, you’d kill it for sure. Especially now no one can leave their house.

Stefan Struhs says:

These new videos are awesome mate seriously

Ian Rogers says:

This is some great ingenuity, awesome content

Black Star says:

Great vid b,

Chasón The Don says:

Dang. I remember when I subbed to bounce back B

layne stayley says:

How much is it?

Sunnysideup in the AM says:

Hi Bry 😎 glad to see your new content. Hope all is well in "Lockdown" in the Free world, who. would of thunk 😎🤔 Hope all is well with you and yours. Be safe and well

MrBeast says:

Nice Job. Can't wait for more. Let's Build each Other up O_O

Nurse Rachel says:

It's been killing me not to be able to go to the gym…I need a set up at home!!


So your a welder now??? Looks good big dog!

XimerTracks - Sub To Me says:

♥SoCal-IstheniX Bryan Bruton

tumtum512 says:

Let's get it! Hope you're doing well in these crazy times, take care brother!

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