DIY Pull Up / Chin Up Bar | How to make a chin-up bar without a doorway

DIY Pull Up / Chin Up Bar | How to make a chin-up bar without a doorway

full instructions:
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HomeMadeModern says:

thanks for the feedback! i want to hear more ideas for different attachments i should make. I think that a bracket that can hold a speed bag or heavy bag would be cool. I pulley system for lat pull type exercises is doable. tell me your suggestions below!

Knotdead says:

Very nice piece Handyman 😉 Not for everyone to build though.

ShadowMosses 1998 says:

when u do dips, face the other way so you can do leg raises. doing sit up on the floor suks. great vid!! i really need to save money to do this.

Xplus2 says:

Add a climbing wall.


why when you can do pull ups anywhere

Mounir Dalati says:


if you want this really long term and plan to add more to the wall, rip off the gibrock and mark out

Yunus Santoso says:

creative people arent ya

Raskal says:

This is very impressive. Can I e-mail you a question with a pic of something I would like added to this? An angel investor needs to market this.

MickyAvStickyHands says:

Oh yes, the work out from home routine. It lasts a few months before you start to feel like a prisoner working out alone in a cell.

Alex Gentile says:

Thanks…. very cool and creative !!!

Jayden Valentine says:

please Help my home does not have a wall

Danilo Drašković says:

Coolest bar I ever seen.

joewhatsup says:

Great job and video!

Viral Traze says:

for ur own health: Use kneepads

Rick Deckard says:

Wonder if a metal french cleat system would work there to adjust at different heights.

Scout Actor says:

Основа может переломиться от этих жёстких отверстий.

늑음 says:

하나 사고말겠다ㅋ 벽에 못자국 조지고 내구성 ㅂㅅ인데 뭐하러 고생해서 만듬?

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