*EXCLUSIVE* alpha m. Home Gym Tour!

*EXCLUSIVE* alpha m. Home Gym Tour!

Watch the fitness equipment shopping VLOG: https://youtu.be/CWn8Rz6KY8Q
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Alpha is not ready to give a proper house tour yet, but he’s so excited to show you his new fitness center. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro starts by showing the mirrors, rack of Tag dumbbells, treadmill, TV, the Smith Machine, and more. He gives a glimpse of his accompanying bathroom too.
The Smith Machine!
The Smith Machine is a topic that he wants to cover as he got so much shit about it during his the video when he purchased it. Everyone who is caught up in the mentality that free weights, squat rack, and bar bell squats is insane! Talk to Alpha in 30-years! He’s 41 years old, he’s had injuries, and it doesn’t work like it used to. The reality he has one room for his lifestyle – he knew he can’t do an effective workout at home. But at the end of the day, he can do step ups, walking lunges, and squats. It’s safer when working out at home by himself. It’s also functional to do other things like shoulder press and bench press to name a few. The Smith Machine is flexible and safe! He doesn’t want to injure himself by lifting super heavy or endanger himself when working out.

The Home Gym Is Symbolic
It’s not an all or nothing thing – he has a machine in his home that he can do cable flies, pull ups, pull downs, bicep curls, seated rows, and so much more stuff. It’s not a free weight bar, and that’s okay. He can still go to the gym. But he has the home gym for an incredible workout at times when he doesn’t want to spend the extra time in traffic going to the gym. He gets an amazing workout, and it’s a dream come true. This room means a lot more to him than anything else in the new house. It’s not just equipment. It’s symbolic after his fitness center failed, driving a beer cart, and now being able to have a fitness center in his home. THIS makes him feel successful and like he ‘made’ it.



Mr James says:

I would love that setup !

rockstar s mg says:

Smith machind , very alpha

Bobby Neacsu says:

Smith machines or free weights who tf cares.just do what works for you and ignore those idiots

The Razer Blast says:

would you recommend doing HIIT on the treadmill

Richard Mahoney says:

Great job Alpha

nicolas boehm says:

i have weights and an exercise bike but i want to buy a treadmill

Vegardhjoh says:

Dont see how a smithmachine gives more options than a power rack, but hey… You do you

Moses Wicochea says:

Cancel your membership bro. Your good.

Saroeun Sam says:

I’m working towards a home gym. What you have is all I would need also. 👍🏽

mr benchpress says:

You don't always need free weights I use a bench press I got injured one time and the easiest thing to do for my Rehabilitation was to use a Smith machine all I had to do let's put 15 lb on each side to make the counterbalance bar 45 lb and I could go full strength what's up having to balance the bar and it helped my recovery don't listen to the ones let's say you don't need it you need a free weight bar or free weights. Everybody's different just do what is comfortable for you

intervention35 says:

gotta hand it to aron hes got style even in interior design

Sami Hamache says:

What your 40 fuckk u look like 30

Shawn H007 says:

Awesome Aaron! You don't ever have to explain yourself brother! I still like the gym because it offers more options and it keeps me going having others to workout with, but a cool back up option for your house.

Shankar Das says:

Still you workout outside

Ace of Diamonds says:

this is what i like about alpha he is so humble… especially at 5:145:30

PotterHeads HQ says:

I'm only 15 and I've started working out and this would be perfect for my dad and I😀

Ryan Pryor says:

Smith machine. Pfft what a noob.

Mark Madruga says:

Smith machines are for cunts ! Jk middle age or older guys who have worked out for years have all had injuries from working out and from life. We have to be smarter about the whole approach. Cool gym and nice bathroom!

Ronnie C says:

You can get a dip, leg raise, and pull up bar all in one and you should also get a bench press with the little safety bars so you dont die when you dont have a spotter

Mihai Mihai says:

Fuck the Smith machine da same thing about the dip form full range of motion man

Daniel Bazan says:

Love it Alpha I’m trying to figure out what to put in my garage gym. And I was looking for a squat rack which I think is the where am I go. But you give me some pretty good things to think about in terms of the smith machine and all the versatility. Appreciate your videos thanks so much

Stevejobs sein Daddy says:

Alpha using a gaymashine.

D Stuart says:

Do your thing, brother–I'm transitioning back back to the home gym (I kept my old stuff and augmenting that) and just use what makes you happy and healthy.

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