Home Gym Project getting started with all kinds of PR`s

Home Gym Project getting started   with all kinds of PR`s

Home gym project starts now!
Our goal is to set up a home gym with all the equipment we need,
We are going to have a power cage with a bench, an olympic barbell with decent weights
And all of that will allow us to train for powerlifting at home,
Squats, Deadlifts, Bench press and all the other accessory exercises, AT hOME!

The first step was to set up the foundation, rubber floor, we got 4 1Mx!MX25mm rubber floors, which will be under the power cage and will make sure our deadlifts dont break the floors 🙂

This short video is just the first step of the project, featuring a quick workout we did on the new rubber floors.

We had few sets of squats and over head press using some old and crappy bar and weights, but for now it will do…

Turns out we got much stronger recently with some sweet OHP PR`s!



LjGainzTV says:

Making it work bro, good stuff.

Christian Durbin says:

Good job on the OHP PRs and a decent start to the home gym. Might have to lose the flowers and candles so you have more room 😉

Sid Mascardo says:

Very nice! Can't wait to see how you're gym is going to look! Just subbed! Sub back for support?

Ron Pro says:

u guys know that this bar weighs less than a normal olympic bar due to the thickness and size right? i would say that this bar weighs about 10-12 killos (i sometimes use it myself)


Good stuff bro!! Throw it up.

Y00N says:

lol i wish i have my own gym all i need are squat rack olympic barebll olympic lifting platform and olympic plates

GarageWorkouts says:

Good luck with the home setup guys…

Frog Does Lifting says:

Lifting in a Home gym is the best way to lift

Jim the third says:

Can't wait to see it when you guys are done

The Strength Regime says:

Been wanting to start my own home gym….but at the same time I wanna try and avoid breaking the bank lmao. Great video guys! Subbed! #SmallChannelsUnite

Cannon Strong says:

Uh oh! Brought the Iron home, its going down now! Looked like those 5 rep prs were easy for you guys. liked.

John Allen Workout log says:

flippin awesome!!!

Phoenix Fitness says:

Always been a mini dream of mine to build a home gym!

Richard Siebels says:

Homegym action how cool is that !! Very good plan to get this equipment … Big thumbs up from germany 🙂

Jeka Powerlifting says:

Feel free to leave a comment, like & subscribe 🙂
Thanks for watching!

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