How to Build an Accessible Home Gym

How to Build an Accessible Home Gym

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Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and Ask TOH host Kevin O’Connor head to Montana to build an accessible home gym for a Navy SEAL injured in the war in Afghanistan. (See below or a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

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Shopping List for How to Build an Accessible Home Gym:
– Interlocking rubber pad squares
– Finished piece of foam
– Metal framing with J-channel
– Mirror
– Fitness equipment
– Screws

Tools for How to Build an Accessible Home Gym:
– Driver
– Wrench

Steps for How to Build an Accessible Home Gym:
1. Use the interlocking rubber pad squares to build a floor for the home gym. Lay them down in the space using the locking system, starting from a corner and working your way out. You can trim the ends with a finished piece of foam.
2. Mount the metal framing with J-channel on a wall using screws and a driver, keeping the larger piece of J-channel on top.
3. Pop the mirror into the framing and make sure it catches on the J-channel at the top and bottom.
4. Attach the fitness equipment to wall studs or place on the floor.

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Jasyjaz Miller says:


Power racks will transform any homegym into a professional strength facility. I bought mine here – – With three sizes and foot prints to choose from you'll find the right power rack for your space. Again Faster power racks are also compatible with all 3×3 pull up rig accessories.

OJSeph says:

Why didn't they put the pul up bar higher? Now he can only use it without prosthetics. If they put it higher they could have used the adjustable height to lower it to suit him without the prosthetics but he would still have the option of using it with them on too.

OneTheWhat says:

I seriously hate the choice of flooring. they needed to put in some better flooring

TheFlashBreaker says:

looks like he skipped leg day

David Lucas says:

Great work in the video just subbed u, If you have time can you go and check out my channel and sub me. THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT & YOUR TIME

Pat Fitzgerald says:

Always need a mirror to look at your narcissistic self, while working out.

SpellDreams says:

Is nobody concerned that eva foam is toxic?

optimistichorizon says:

Those pads are not heavy duty enough. The ones they have are about $2.50 a square whereas the heavy-duty ones or $25 a square.

Jim Campbell says:

kevin and tommy great job for that fine young man, shame on the 15 dislikes

863 florida says:

hey look up TAQIYYA

Iairon says:

that guy has no legs,must be weird

abd nour المعرفة says:


r0b0tj0n3s says:

Those prosthetic legs look DYNAMITE. It's amazing how fluid they move.

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