How to Build Home / Garage Gym on Budget in 1 DAY!!! (For less than $150)

How to Build Home / Garage Gym on Budget in 1 DAY!!!  (For less than $150)

WHATS UP Guys! This video will help guide YOU while you build your first home gym by giving you a look at what we did in order to build ours.
Hope You find this video informative and it motivates you to build a gym of your own UNDER $150 dollars.

Big or small set up, but always IMPROVING!

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fazapops says:

Thanks for posting this and going in depth with your explanations.

2pac Shakur says:

What is the name of this plate full of holes to fasten the wood the name in Portuguese

Frank W says:

The 800 pounds on the two 4×4 post for testing overnight is static load. But if you are actually using it, the dynamic load maybe well over couple of thousands pounds. Since the wood grain runs up and down on the post, it has the tendency to split down the middle (like chopping wood) given enough load. I would feel safer to reinforced those posts to prevent it from splitting. Need to take Murphy's Law into account, but that is just me.

coen meijer says:

Directly taken from buff dudes

Mo Primal says:

This is great! Thanks for the idea.

Sergeant Fit says:

Nice video; thumbs-up!

Ekzpo says:

You should stain the wood. It will repel bugs (even though ceder naturally does that anyway), rot, and will make it look a lot better.

Geloskie says:

that nigga hella smiling at the end lmao.

Free E says:

Thats but you could maybe paint the wood to make it look like a real machine because a wooden look looks not like something to workout on

Squash Head says:

Ghetto fab. Why don't he use all the money he makes from the cartel to buy a real set up.

Jasyjaz Miller says:

Awessome…. !!! I bought my homegym equipment here and they got awesome quality gears for all types of users and athletes.


Sweet video guys!

David Lucas says:

Great work on the video just subbed you, Can u go and check out my channel and sub me. THANKS a lot for the support.

TheMORENA702 says:

can u come build mine lol

Dine Loshaj says:

Where dis you get the stall matts? And what is a local spot i can pick them up at? I live in new york. Thanks

Pau Mod says:

Very nice video , and informative!!! nice work guys.

MrSticksb says:

Sweet setup . Nice work A+++. Pipe & wood all you need …

Dubstep Gainzz says:

great video !!

77magicbus says:

Very good presentation. And very interesting. I will be buying a bar soon so I will take your advice. Thanks

Angel Garcia says:

The guy in blue shirt is so lame

Ibrahim Random says:

not copied from the buff dudes at all

Dio Brando says:

great video! keep it up 🙂

spandan gude says:

hey carlos, nice vid man. see, i been doin chinups on a fat bar and that is workin a lot better than the thin one. can you please explain how. btw the fat bar is pumping my lats better

Jose Ramos says:

Daaaaamn this shit goes hard! Dude with beard looks damn hot!

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