My Home Gym self build project pt 30

My Home Gym self build project pt 30

Part way through staining and varnishing the doors.

You too can build your own home gym at the bottom of your garden. I was fed-up with exercising in my old, freezing, damp, insect infested garage. So i bit the bullet and decided to get rid of it and have a home gym built in it’s place.

I’m a complete novice in the building game. My achievements or skills before taking on this task – out of sheer desperation – was that i had done the odd bit of DIY in the past, like putting up a shelf, or hanging a picture. All the skills i picked up throughout this journey were mainly thanks to being let down by builders, a little belief, a touch of determination and a shed load of desperation, but most of all, from watching YouTube clips like this journey which I’ve catalogued.

Sure i made many mistakes along the way, the build isn’t perfect and yeah, if i had my time again there’s many things i’d do differently along the way, but my mantra in life which helps me through anything i wish to achieve is to always say to yourself when, not if and you’ll find that you can achieve things way beyond yours, or anyone else’s expectations. 🙂



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