The Craziest Home Gym Ever 2018 | WOOD Equipment 🌲 | Full Tour

The Craziest Home Gym Ever 2018 | WOOD Equipment 🌲 | Full Tour

The craziest home gym ever! All the equipment is homemade/DIY and built out of wood.

Building this gym was one of the best investments of time and money I have ever made. I probably saved around $3000 dollars by building all the equipment. However, it’s more than just saving money. The pride you gain from building your own gym equipment and working out on it and seeing results is phenomenal.

Time stamp:
Tour Begins: 1:10
Flat Bench: 3:40
Power Rack: 4:35
Lifting Platform: 7:55
Glute Ham Raise: 9:34
Plyo Box: 10:50
Seated Calf Raise: 11:50
Multi grip and Hex Deadlift Bar: 13:35
Reverse Hyper: 15:00
Chest Supported Row Machine: 16:22
Cable Pully Machine: 17:00
Farmers Walk Handles: 19:45
Homemade DB: 20:30

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Frank Galaviz says:

Awesome gym build bro. All you need is a speed bag, get some rocky motivation going. Plus they're always fun to have.

Mohammed Gure says:

Im in kenya and was looking to build a gym through a diy video
Thank you Sir

Enrique Barraza taylor says:


Lucky Luc Lav says:

Awesome gym! I'm in the works of setting up my unheated and uninsulated garage. Do you have issues with condensation on your plates with the extreme temperature change? It gets very cold where I live!

SB SB says:

Nice gym, but if you flip that TEXACO sign on ebay for $400-500 , you could but some more weights

Hozea Hozea says:

NICE !! GYM !!!

Heath Edwards says:

Very cool setup

jacob carley says:

Pretty impressive

Ron Wilson says:

Nice job, I’m impressed 🏋️‍♂️

Battle Rope ST says:

Sure yeah just wanted to show u Battle rope ST it's not just a battle rope it's a hybrid strength training system just thought u might be interested.

Battle Rope ST says:

Hey Jose here creator of Battle Rope ST, the first and only hybrid battle rope strength training system. Battle Rope ST would be the perfect addition to your home gym. It only takes up 10 feet of space from the anchor point compared to 20 to 30 feet of space needed with a traditional battle rope . We are in gyms all across the US and in over 20 countries. We just launched the first home gym version. DM me on Instagram @Battleropest if u want to talk and get more info. Check out this video to see more-

Ron Humphrey says:

You are the man . New Hampshire never been there looks pretty but cold as hell in the winter I bet

Thanasis Thomas says:

what happend to ur e-shop?

Suhail Oomer says:

What do you have above the beams on the ceiling

Reeve Boyd says:

Lives up to the name of The Franimal’s “most beastly intense power rack”

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