Why Should You Build a Bodyweight Home Gym?

Why Should You Build a Bodyweight Home Gym?

Bodyweight Master Review: https://goo.gl/Xz5cux
Neuro Grips: http://goo.gl/pHzAy3
DIY Suspension Straps: https://goo.gl/0xBNAO



Lazlo says:

Have you put up a video on this pull up system yet? I did not notice it while looking through your videos. I definitely want to purchase this in the near future. I would like to know what all you can do with it that doesn’t require bolting it to the floor.

Carl John says:

I'm in love with that home gym..

Rick Thebastard says:

i'm going to buy it even though it has to come all the way to Tasmania 🙂 rings plus this is pretty much all i need oh plus dip bars but i made my own.

Harry Mattick says:

Do you train SL deadlifts?

Just A German says:

hi! how can i integrate martial arts training into your cc+ workout routine? let's say i'd like to work out with cc+ 6 days a week and additional i want to go to martial arts class 2-3 times a week (which consists of full body workout and cardio)

Chris Watts says:

as always good stuff. bodyweight master looks good but would take up quite a bit of space. I've just got myself PullupMate the biggest attraction for me was that it can be packed away really quickly also it was a lot less than this option

Zero1-2 says:

Does the body weight master have an European distributor by any chance?

mohamed ibrahem says:

hey matt…investing is really a key when it comes to obligation….have a problem though i can't do hanging leg raises from a doorway pull up bar as my feet touches the ground when fully extended , any suggestions ?

Alexander Demin says:

We have this cool stuff in the UK – https://www.pullupmate.co.uk/. I have it and it is awesome. Alas, monkii bars don't deliver to the UK.

Aaron adams says:

I tried getting fitness independence in Australia, but it's not available here. It seems to be geo blocked. Anyone know how I can buy it?

SCRcat6 says:

This is the only fitness channel I visit regularly, great job. What is your opinion of Roman chairs for core training?

Aras Küçükyalçın says:

Hey Matt , My home gym equipment exists of door pull up bar , dip bar(which is basicly our very old treadmill that I'm using it's handles for dipping and rowing movements) , push up handles(that is also a part of our old treadmill) and two adjustable dumbells with couple of weights plates.I only use weights for my lower body training right now and using them only with weighted bulgarian split squat and weighted one legged calf raise.

I want to have your opinion about using weighted lower body exercises especially with bulgarian split squats since they only require half of the weight needed for the back squats. Which is really important for me as a calisthenics practitioner since many of us don't have access to weights and also don't have much money spend to weight plates.Don't get me wrong pistols , various jumps and bw squats, bridges ,g&h raises are still my main exercises of my workout plan ;).Btw great video as always , keep it up man.

meyoumovie says:

I could find no videos of someone working out on this device (including on Dragon's Door website) horrible marketing and advertising.

Vexi11uM says:

Matt, I appreciate sharing such a great tool, however, the internation delivery is like outrages! over 400$ to ship overseas, what the hell, Dragon Door!? I am afraid I will pass on buying this. Shame, it's hard to get similar in my country.
Also, apparently Amazon doesnt ship it to me either! this is really upsetting

Legalas Elf says:

make a video on bodyweight/sissy squats and how to make them harder after you master bodyweight version please

sniff rat says:

I have a pull up bar in my kitchen doorway and dip station that consists of an "A"- frame step-ladder for the right hand and bookcase for the left hand. I have an ab-wheel next to the TV so I'm never far away from a workout – mentally or physically. Unfortunately I have nowhere to hang a suspension trainer.

John C says:

How portable is the Bodyweight master? How do you assemble and disassemble it? Is it assembled just by sliding the pieces in together without tools or do you need to screw and bolt things together?

I'm looking to see how it compares to this:


And this:


Also, how much does it weigh? And what materials is it made of?

Yotam Sho says:

why do we need a wall? great video, this is why I stopped working out outside.

Potato Strong says:

The adjustability looks cool. I use the Stamina PT Tower. I also hang straps and rings from it. It's too tall in my room for muscle ups though and as you say, the dip handles are fairly wide, especially for my wife.

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