8 Best Home Security Systems You Can Install and Self-Monitor in 2020

8 Best Home Security Systems You Can Install and Self-Monitor in 2020

Your home is your fortress and it must be properly protected from unauthorized access at any times. The best solution for this task is the installations of a security system, but many people pass on this opportunity to fend off intruders, being unwilling to get locked in a long-time contract with a security system provide. Luckily, the are plenty of modern do-it-yourself solutions, that give you the flexibility of self-installation and monitoring of your house and only offer contractual services if you want to get complete peace of mind. IN this video we will briefly review the best DIY security systems on the market, their prices and major features!

0:52 #1 Ring Alarm: shop.ring.com/pages/security-system

Store Link: https://amzn.to/2N8gRAE

Developed by Amazon-owned Ring, Ring Alarm offers hassle-free integration with Alexa and can be managed via this voice assistant. The starting kit includes just 5 units and takes minutes to install and pair with your phone via the Ring App.

2:11 #2 Honeywell Smart Home Security: honeywellhome.com/en/products/security-alarm-solutions

Store Link: https://amzn.to/2PBTyAD

If you are looking for an all-in-one smart camera security solution for your home, look no further as the Honeywell starter kit might be the ideal choice. The kit includes a base station with a 1080p wide angle camera, Alexa integration and face recognition, that is connected to a mobile app on your phone.

3:31 #3 Google Nest: store.google.com/us/product/nest_secure_alarm_system?hl=en-US

If you are already using Google smart devices to automate your residence, then the Nest system might be the best option to secure it as well. The secure alarm set is comprised of the Nest Guard, the Nest Detect and the Nest Tag.

4:28 #4 Ajax Systems: ajax.systems

This wireless no subscription security system might be rather unknown for the American consumer, but as the manufacturer states, it is the most awarded self-installation solution in Europe. Ajax was founded in 2011, its RND and production facilities are situated in Ukraine.

5:48 #5 Front Point: frontpointsecurity.com/products

Frontpoitn is a security system, one of those that could be easily installed on your own, but to get the major benefits of the package you will have to commit to a long-time contract at around $45 dollars per month. The minimum hardware purchase includes $430 worth of components at the price of just 69.

7:05 #6 SimpliSafe: simplisafe.com

Store Link: https://amzn.to/329xhg6

Thanks to the extremely simple, no-tools installation process, the SimpliSafe is widely regarded as one of the best DIY security systems out there. The company’s Foundation kit consists of just 4 items, including the base station and two sensors, so it is perfect for studio apartments or condos.

8:25 #7 Almond Guard: securifi.com/rg/products

Store Link: https://amzn.to/2r7flGt

Securifi, the company behind the Almond Guard system, is taking a different approach to home security. They are not highlighting the variety of sensors that could be installed in your house, but rather focus on the smart hub brains of their system, the Almond.

9:45 #8 Lifeshield: lifeshield.com

Store Link: https://amzn.to/2WAKWvu

When discussing base home security DIY kits, the Shield from the ADT-company Lifeshield is one of the most equipped systems for the money. Priced at $200, it gets you plenty of standard equipment and a month of free professional monitoring services.

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