Best DIY Security Systems

Best DIY Security Systems

Ring Security System:
Nest Security System:
Simplysafe Alarm:

In this video we cover the best DIY home security systems. Ring vs Nest vs Simplysafe. Each one of these smart home security systems is designed so that the average person can install a security system without the need for any tools.

You can buy any of these DIY security systems online and they all are a great way to secure your home. We cover the differences between the Ring vs Nest vs Simplysafe security systems so you can understand what you’re getting with each DIY smart home security system.

The Ring alarm system offerers exceptional value, easy setup and an abundance of sensors.

The Nest alarm system provides a great way to add on to your existing Nest smart home devices and works on the same app as other Nest equipment like the Nest Thermostat and Nest Hello doorbell.

The Simplysafe security system has a large number of sensors to choose from, low cost and easy setup and has a long track record of providing good DIY security systems.

All of these DIY security systems allow you to either self monitor them for free or pay a month.

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Squat Puke says:

I think you are incorrect with the Simply Safe notifications. (Maybe you can verify) It’s one of the reason I’m not going that direction. I think you MUST have the monitoring purchased to be able to get any notifications to your phone. That is, if you have a break-in w/o monitoring, the alarm will go off, but you won’t know until you get home. One of those “that’s how they get you” things with SS…

I have a “google home”, so I am strongly considering the Nest…but I agree with your evaluations on the limited features. Suppose I could have my Nest Thermo, Lock and doorbell, and still have a Ring alarm system…will research it more. Thanks for your video.

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