BIBENE WiFi Home Security System | WP6 Unboxing

BIBENE WiFi Home Security System | WP6 Unboxing

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BIBENE WIFI Home Security Alarm System DIY KIT with Easy App, 2-in-1 PIR Main Panel, Wireless Burglar Alert Security System for IOS Andrioid with PIR Motion Sensor,Door window Sensor

Multi-Purpose: Most Cost-effective professional wireless security home alarm system Kit with Easy APP! The Built-In Magnetic Contact Sensor and PIR motion sensor detect any forceful break-in to activate the alarm to deter potential intruders(0-120dB),chime prompt,SOS emergency for Home/Business/Office/Child/Disabled Person Safety Protection.(Note: PIR detector is 8M,110 degree field of view coverange day and night, not Pet immunity type)
Easy-Operation App: Our enthusiastic programmers develop the APP to be extremely easy-install,easy-operation based on varity of user experience & customer requirements. The App allows you to control the whole security system anywhere with your ios/andriod Smartphone or tablet,and receive warning notifications of exact area when alarm triggered for you to quick track and make better informed decisions.Moreover, the APP has many humanization Functions such as arming delay,clock,timing arming.etc.
Best Kit Solution:WP6 home Alarm system kit includes 1x PIR Main Panel, 1x wireless PIR motion detector, 5x Door/windor sensor, 2x Remote control, 1x AC adaptor, 1x user manual, and all backup battery and install accessories.All sensors&remote control are connected with main panel already,each sensor is with label number for your quick distinguishing just to save your time.and easy to install with included mounting mount and adhesive tape.No install fee,no contracts no monthly monitoring fee.
Cost-effective PIR Main Panel: 2-in-1 PIR main panel with PIR motion detect sensor that equals 1x main panel and 1x PIR detector sensor, allows to work as standalone alarming by easy operation such as One-button operation to arm/disarm/adjust volume/change ringtones. You can install the PIR main panel(or PIR motion detector) in the area where is without opening door/window
Support Multi Work Conditions: 1) No network,standalone on-site alarming via main panel. 2) No network,standalone on-site alarming via remote control. 3) Wifi network, APP remotes the whole security system anywhere. 4)Coming Soon:Camera Product will Launch soon which is also compatible with WP6 alarm system.You can share a discount on Camera pls just contact us. Note: Search ” app set up for wp6 alarm system” on youtube to know our product better.



Poolarity - Life Hacks says:

Complete Install Video is here

abhishek nirmal says:

Hi do you know if the main hub can run on AAA battery only for backup or can be run instead of ac power???

Lucas Burroughs says:

I contacted the seller at amazon about the push notifications not working. He replied back that it is a known issue and the engineers are working to fix. 1 to 2 week resolution timeframe.

Lucas Burroughs says:

You have been extremely helpful in your videos. I have absolutely loved this system. Had in since September. Just recently the push notifications aren't working. Has gone from taking some time to not coming at all….any suggestions thanks in advance

Arlene Lopez says:

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Joseph Cox says:

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Aqua Boss says:

That's junk. Anyone that knows what an wifi deauther is can pull up a few houses away scope things out. Use the deauther an shut down the connection to someone or everyone's wifi in the area. Do their thing An drive away. All for about $5. Everyone's wifi cut off

1stladyalison says:

Thanks for all the vids… one question though…. is there another software you can use besides the wps?… IT has real low reveiws

MJae Vang says:

Does the battery really last a year? I read some reviews that the batteries were cheap and lacked longevity?

Extra Smooth says:

Good video! Waiting for your setup video. Hope you go into detail on the App 🙂


Ha! I just purchased this device and was wondering why you never did your promised SETUP video. Then I noticed you posted this 15 hours ago! LOL

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