DIY recycle your old smart phone to a security camera

DIY recycle your old smart phone to a security camera

You need wifi and an old smart phone really simple process. Great for gathering surveillance video or pictures.

The program is called IP Webcam by Pavel Khlebovich.



Konrad says:

Did just I don't trust the wi-fi cameras? Ofcourse there are passwords, but "the government" can spy you or something….
What do you think about it?

Jerry Blackmon says:

I love this camera!>>>   Has a nice wide view and cristal clear image night and day.

Sparkey says:

Cool, thanks for sharing.

Vinod Neelagiri says:

But I don't think we can
1)record all the time to cloud or to phone.
2)Tweaking frames per second to save storage space.

Can we?

Sen Pen says:

Thanks to you, I know this video it's been out for a few years now but save me a bunch of money to get a real one. I have a few android phones that taking so much space but not anymore. I can put them to work and it works just fine.

Vadym Rodionov says:

I'll use Inplix instructions to make it by myself.

Bruce Wayne says:

hi can we have multiple ''cell phone camera with an account or more cell/camera more ip adresse? thks

ecgodsmack86 says:

do you need wifi

Charis Williams says:

I appreciate your channel, keep up the cool work! I make similar content too 🙂

skin walker says:

OMG is that charlie scene

NC MTN MAN says:

Will an old 3G phone work ?,    Can I see the image on my android phone ?,  Whats the chances of the creator hacking in and seeing the same image?.

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