DIY SimpliSafe Home Security System

DIY SimpliSafe Home Security System

For those who would benefit from an inexpensive and easy ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) option for security sytsem, here is the Simplisafe alarm system. It has tons of accessories for monitoring windows, doors, smoke detection, carbon monoxide, motion sensors, glass break sensors, panic buttons, and easy key fobs. This is an awesome solution for home security for those who are looking to save money and do something quick and easy.

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Wingman 45 says:

Don't get have concerns about a wifi based system?

Dennis Bogan says:

I also like the phone app that they have too. You can check the timeline of the alarm being set and unarmed. Plus, if you wonder if the alarm has been set and you're not at home you can just pull out your cell, check or set it from work or where you are with no worries. So worth the $24.99 a month for piece of mind.

Emmanuel Goldstein says:

I started turning my cell phone off at night to stop me from being bombarded by the ELF just from it and I sleep a lot better, filling your house with bluetooth or anything else wireless probably doesn't help lol.

Emmanuel Goldstein says:

Well now we know what John has at his house, challenge accepted.

James G says:

I have been using the same system for 3 years now. Love the simplicity. I even have sensors mounted in exterior utility sheds and garage.

Jarrett Divan says:

You should do more videos about home security or home defense.

James Merone says:

John, can I just hire you as a body guard? How much do you charge?

Andrew Kenseth says:

Close that aperture down a bit to keep the background from blowing out with those white props (just a suggestion). Excellent video and info thanks John!

The Eastern front says:

Can you put cameras in the system?

Daniel Bush says:

I canโ€™t be the only one who thought he was holding a roll of paper towels in the thumbnail.

rob roberts says:

Iam hoping the howitzer in the front yard will deter any would be criminals.

Salty Monkey says:

+John Lovell

Have the same deal. Very easy to setup. Have all the peripherals less co, temp, water, etc. Monitoring is a charm. No license needed in my area to install.

Only gripe is I wish I had waited just a bit. They have a new hardware version that is faster and has greater range.

Highly recommended, Guys. Get the whole deal and the 24/7 central monitoring. Worth the cost.

chris martin says:

John, appreciate ya. God bless

Poorfarmer 123 says:

Is there anything you don't know about??๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

MrJacobowns says:

I have this in my house and it's been amazing. Supper easy to setup and has been amazing. The cameras a good quality. The only complaint I have had us that the smoke detector is a little bit sensitive. I've set my off twice now cooking bacon. The call time for that alarm though has so it was a good couple of tests lol

Al says:

… Blah, blah, blah. at the end kind of dilutes the message of your cool catch phrase.

505TH PIR says:

1st.. HAPPY Trumpiversary… 2nd.. is there a tigercage, bamboo shoot, anti-liberal option?

Greg W says:

Itโ€™s a great system.

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