Ferrari of Home Security Systems: Canary 6 Month Follow Up

Ferrari of Home Security Systems: Canary 6 Month Follow Up



In this video I call the Canary the Ferrari of plug-n-play DIY home security systems… see why.



eugene bakumenko says:

I'am not that lucky and happy with this device , maximum connection time to network was 48 hours , and after it goes OFF line . Support told me check modem , other stuff , nothing happen positive . I have changed internet provider , modems , superspeed modem for 4K video with high speed connection (1Gig) nothing changed , day or two and bye bye security of my apartment .

john palma says:

Is that 2 day; 30 day stuff,once a year or for the lifetime of the camera?

moskoDK says:

New plan available ( and outdoor cam ) go check their homepage!!

Sir Tips A Lot says:

I just got one on ebay for $135, hopefully everything is perfect.

Christian Wilson says:

Are you able to just use the Canary to see what's going on at your house? What If you do not care to record anything you just want to see that everything is ok at your house?

john palma says:

Why would anyone need to review more than 12 hours of footage?Does the 12 hours apply to recording time, or something else;would've been nice to hear a more detailed explanation.Thanks.

Irma Lanaro says:

Hello and thank you for the helpful video, just purchased two Canary's….
I have a few questions:
1. is there a button to record when you see activity on the home screen ? just saw another youTube video and that person pressed a record button on the watch screen, not sure if he paid extra…
2.when set on private mode and you leave your home, does it automatically switch to away mode and will record activity or do you manually have to switch to away mode to record?
3.will the 12 hour recording roll over or when 12 hours are full , will it not record any more movement ?
4.if activity is detected, am I able to speak to the intruder ?
Yes, many questions, thanking you in advance for your help…
Thank you…

dsub919 says:

It would really help if you linked the previous video review of the Canary in the description… I just went through your video list and couldn't find it. It's not even in your "Reviews" playlist.

Charlie says:

Do you use this and the Blink too? Which one do you like better? I had to send the blink back. First problem I had with them was when their server went down. The system doesn't operate when their server is down. I didn't receive any notification from them that their server was down, and tried to get the system working with no avail. They have very poor support. E-mail only. And they will get back to you within 48 hours. Again, only by e-mail. That's not my idea of security. On the other hand; I have ordered the Canary, and even though I haven't received it yet, I called their toll free support line and got a live person almost immediately. I am very impressed with that! I hope it works as well as you say it does.

Justin Flowers says:

1.) I really appreciate the follow up specifically for this unit, since they have been apparently increasing the AI

2.) Do you have pets? If so, what size?

3.) I'm sure you get this annoyingly all the time but what is that glowing cube and where do I buy one?!?

M I C H A E L says:

This is nice but the Dropcam/Nest Cam are more reliable.

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