Home Security Pt 1 – Making Your House Tougher Than the Neighbors

Home Security Pt 1 – Making Your House Tougher Than the Neighbors

This is part one of a series on home security. Here, I go through what we’ve done at our house to make it harder for a burglar/home invasion. Security cameras, motion lights, door armor, alarm systems and more. The majority are cheap and easy DIY tips you can use to secure your house as well.

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postersm 71 says:

you should never advertise your own alarm system. If you want to use a yard sign for example, if you have an ADT alarm you should buy simply safe alarm signs and stickers. Never advertise what Alarm you have

clamjuice says:

has a Pentagon fortified home with a teacup dog ๐Ÿ™‚

Daun Ledford says:

I was listening to an interview with a burglar in jail. He said wireless camera. They can not cut the wires. Yard signs and alarm systems don't scare them . They have no police response

Texan 214 says:

Excellent setup. I'd suggest a fence asap. 8 ft privacy fence, spear top, big ass german shepherd in the back does the trick here in Texas. The nightlock plate is much superior to the master stick. Check it out!

MartijnJ says:

I do have a adult aligator in my livingroom, works pretty well

Kbbez Kbbez says:


egal says:

What area of Bumfuck, Nowhere did they live that the police took 3 hours to respond??

Loonytoones85 says:

Cameras are a MUST. I was burglarized and my footage was used to put a career criminal in the big house for a long time. He is still there. Best 300 bucks i've ever spent. ๐ŸŽฅ๐Ÿ“ธ

Kent Nauman says:

How about pyracantha under your windows? Your back door is a fire hazard. Consider replacing the door with a metal door whose widow glass has wire in it and whose frame is metal but lock needs to be openable from inside for panic reasons. Also, consider a one-way mirror covering for backdoor glass with outside lighting. Also, there is a book called "Secrets of a Super Thief" that you need to read. For example how about placing a large dog dish, a warning barkless Doberman sign and a large chain near the back door so a thief thinks that you own a Doberman Pincer. On vacation how about a front door note warning Maple not to come in to clean the house because little Jonny's poisonous snake is lose within the house. Security system needs to say "cellular" and be new or really conected to the police station.

95manneya says:

Great tips! Some new to me

Dalir Farzan says:

Just so you know, that door bar won't work on a mat. I know you said you'd use it on the interior rooms if someone gets in, but just make sure they're not putting it on a slick floor (hardwood, tile, linoleum) or on a mat, because it won't work. It works on carpet.

Also, what did you do with windows? On my windows, I have screw locks, but I keep a nail in the lock on a window where I may need to escape if there is a fire. I also have glass break sensors from Simplisafe which are designed not to go off if there is a dish breaking, but will if a window breaks. You could also put an anti-shatter film on your windows. With the increase of security systems and door armor, many criminals are now picking small windows (kitchen, basement, bathroom) that they will get in through that may not be secured. Also, people sometimes leave those windows open and/or unlocked as they aren't large windows.

Brendan Fazekas says:

You forgot the high tech dog ears and nose big upgrade there

Alfredo Tirado says:

I have a killer poodle as my home security.

Al Smith says:

Smart key kwik sets are very easy to break into… Search YouTube. Put ANY key in the lock and twist it with a vise grip, a bit of muscle and you're in, hope you read this comment and get some better locks, be safe

kalhaai says:

Thanks for video. Can the glass of the door be easily broken? And could that be an entry point?

lucycare says:

Good job! โ™กโ™ก

Rustedblade says:

Great Advice

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