How This Security Company May Have Tricked Customers To Switching Alarm Systems

How This Security Company May Have Tricked Customers To Switching Alarm Systems

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A home security company has been accused of ripping out the signs of rival businesses and using deceptive practices to convince homeowners to switch to their alarm systems. The company, Alder, held a training session where Inside Edition producer Charlie McLravy attended while posing as a recruit. An Alder salesmen was caught on camera trying to convince homeowners to switch their ADT contract by offering a free upgrade. ADT is currently suing Alder for deceptive and misleading sales practices.



Sofia Van Der Veldt says:

Just admit it ADT is way better then alder

emilia hey says:

My Dad just turns on the kitchen light to make people think we’re home at night, when we’re really at a party.

G force says:

Man leave the guy alone he's just tryin to make a livin or to feed his family

fach 101 says:

Alder: lies about sales
Inside edition: I'm about to end this companies whole career

Me Tube says:


ayyee itstayy says:

okay but like my house has those signs and stickers and stuff but we don’t actually have a security system lol

Joshua Matthew M. Samarita says:

Just buy a machine gun and put in around in your home.

DJ Broak says:

Alder: Swaps ADT for alder signs and replaces their contract


Frankie Arnold says:

Bruh how you gon ask ADT if it's a scam, He just mad he's never thought of it

Thy Overlord says:

My security? My gun

Carlos Meza says:

I already have an alarm system it's my dog's

SILVER-XGold PlayStation4life says:

I got to Bulldogs I got security cameras all over my house and I got a pump shotgun and assault rifle and a EPT pistol.

Sabrina :D says:

ok best alarm system is life alert. It calls 911 so u can get emergency

Gage Locklear says:

Aye Lexington Kentucky 😂

Ciel Montes says:

I don't need an alarm system. I got 3 chihuahuas

Eddie Gomez says:

I dont have ADT and I dont open my door , so I'm good

Elexctricity Gaming says:

Press this!



Keye T says:

other security companies do this

itsme monica says:

Damn how tf yall track ppl down

Tessa Rowell says:

I never answer my door. If you ate supposed to be at my house then you would have called. I dont even get up to see who it is any more… if it's the cops… then I wouldnt even know. 🤣

A Logical Girl Once said says:

This is fraud and they use illegal practices like how have the police not got involved yet

AlphaDoge91 says:

Lmao did she say Salesbitch?

Lightning Forces says:

It even says on his shirt specifically “ALDER”! How did they not notice!

Tony Botchagaloop says:

Why doesn’t ADT sue them put them out of business

Justin Leong says:

Sounds like the story of the katate kid

Special Poperations says:

When your costume is better than someone else’s costume

Perfect representation


I have a pit bull I don’t need a alarm sistem

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