How to Harden/Secure Doors and Windows- Easy DIY Tips- Increase Home Security

How to Harden/Secure Doors and Windows- Easy DIY Tips- Increase Home Security

In response to our “Ultimate Home Defense Security Plan” we were asked numerous times how to harden doors and windows. So we made a video. In this video are a number of lower cost easy DIY security products. Whether used separately or combined your should realize an increase in the amount of time you can delay an intruder.

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Here are the links to the products discussed:
Strikemaster II
Easy Armor
Comes in different finishes.

Tying the Door…to the floor.
Door Club




Tactical Mushmouth says:

Major douche


Excellent information and presentation.

ted spoltore says:

Like the the the info.Thanks

Elizabeth Villalobos says:

More demonstrations and less talking. I would like you to spend more time on the picture and less time talking

chevyduty68 says:

Sun glasses?

Zen Der says:

Dam more action less talking

Just Coni justme says:

Extremely insightful … thanks much.

fred g says:

I like that back door wood😃had on both entry doors for years

Valerie Laster says:

he's creepy…like real creepy

Chris Petela says:

I don’t have 3 inches next to mines I have glass on both sides

Karen Grace says:

Regarding the dog who can certainly protect but: pray your door breaker dosn't have a gun with which to shot your dog.

Pauline Sciberras says:

What’s with the sunglasses??!

ABD Tools says:

If you would prefer your alarm system to do something other than make a loud annoying noise, have a look at the inprover system here,

sjhtrueblue says:

Get the glasses off looks goofy

saturn D'great says:

for someone who's new to this installling security thing, i would prefer watching video examples on how you do it than just listening while looking at your face the entire 10mins.. kinda weird with those sunglasses too dyt?

VegasStrongr says:

The new Haven device is going to be amazing. Totally digital AND can be activated when not home. Uses the floor to absorb the kick force as well. It also looks slick. Not yet on the market, and will be pricey. But worth it to protect your stuff and family!

Dyl Connaway says:

Too bright for you? Stop hiding. Wearing sunglasses indoors = major insecurity.

Never Stop Never Settle says:

could you explain how to hardened or secure glass sliding doors because ive seen videos were people easily open them as if it was childs play

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