Lifehackster's Security Camera and Smart Home Setup 2019

Lifehackster's Security Camera and Smart Home Setup 2019

2019 is just a few days away and today, I’ll be showing you guys my current security camera and smart home setup. I have reviewed almost all the products that I’ll be showing you guys and these are the devices that I’m using everyday and not just review them one time and put them in a corner.

If you have been following my channel, you know that I have reviewed a lot of WiFi security cameras and smart home devices this year… but which ones do you think I use?

Let’s start first on the outside of the house and I’ll show you which cameras and smart home devices I have and then I’ll take you inside.

Reolink NVR 4MP PoE system:
Upgrading to Reolink PoE system –
Adding RLC 411/511 –
Part 3 Upgrade –

Shop Reolink NVR cameras –

Ring Floodlight Camera:
Original Review almost 2 years ago –
1 Year Long Term Review –

Shop Ring Floodlight Security Camera –

Nest Hello Doorbell:
Original Review –
Nest Hello vs Ring Pro –
Nest Hello Issues –
Nest Hello Finally Works –

Shop Nest Hello –

Nest X Yale Lock Review –
Shop Nest X Yale Lock –

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery:
Original Review + Solar Panel –
Ring Spotlight Cam Battery vs Wired –

Shop Ring Spotlight Cam Battery –

Solar Outdoor Lights –
Shop Solar Lights –

Ring Spotlight Cam Mount Review –
Auxiliary Light Control not working –

Shop Ring Spotlight Cam Mount –

Mr. Beams Floodlight MB3000 –

Maximus Floodlight –
Maximus Floodlight Issue –

Shop Maximus Floodlight –

Ring Spotlight Cam Wired –
Shop Ring Spotlight Cam Wired –

Ring Stickup Cam Wired 2018 –
Shop Ring Stickup Cam –

Arlo Pro 2 Camera –
Arlo Audio Doorbell –

Shop Arlo Pro 2 Cameras –
Shop Arlo Audio Doorbell –

Yale Lock compatible with Ring Alarm (Z wave) –

Shop Yale Z wave smart lock –

Yi Dome 1080p WiFi Security Camera –

Shop Yi Dome Camera –

Wyze Cam 2 Security Camera –
Shop Wyze Cam –

Ring Alarm –
Ring Alarm Update –

Shop Ring Alarm –

Nexx Garage Review –

Shop Nexx Garage –

Orbit B Hyve Smart Sprinkler Review –

Shop Orbit B Hyve Sprinkler –

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Francois F says:

hi, thanks for the videos, i was wondering; do you use the reolink c2 pro? thanks and have a beautiful day in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. amen.

Rob Eckhart says:

Scrolling for camera reviews I stumbled across yours, watched a few now and have to say your in depth no BS demo’s are invaluable for the consumer trying paddle thru a saturated market. Is there any whole home solution (doorbell/outdoor/indoor) that you’d recommend or is a patchwork system what people should consider? Thanks for your exceptional efforts!

Anger Tone says:

That's a lot of cameras to steal lol, all you need is a ski mask…

Charles the V says:

Amazing videos and explanation

skwiesen says:

I love your videos, thank you for your honest reviews. It's nice to see what you are actually using in your own house after testing out so much

Lteo Hrnt says:

Man…stuff everywhere!

Still Happy says:

That’s a lot of cams you could do your reality tv program but in honesty good channel really informative thanks for sharing I’m thinking about getting blink xt they seem ok are they any good also I want a battery floodlight with camera that send notifications to my phone do you have any recommendations apart from ring

Speed Racer says:

Do you have a smartwatch? I'm wondering if Android Wear or a Samsung watch will get ring alarm notifications or allow me to arm/disarm the system
This thought occurred to me while on vacation and the alarm going into delayed entry when my spouse came home, I left my phone inside and it would have been nice to get a smartwatch notification

ontarioman100 says:

Great Setup NIce Christmas village!

Don Zelmer says:

Where did you purchase your solar lights that you have taped to your house? I bought one at Costco that looks similar to the Ring floodlight camera, but I like your slanted solar light better. I wouldn't mind buying 1-2 more solar lights to assist my Ring cameras. I heard you say your Ring floodlight will be two years old in April. Mine will be two years old in June. I liked Ring so much, I bought the Ring Pro doorbell months later followed by Ring solar powered spotlight.
Thanks for the info.
Don from Milwaukee

Erroll Massop says:

Can you ask Ring a simple question? When are they coming out with a smart doorlock?! I am all Ringed out. I have been holding off on buying a Doorlock because Ring doesn't have one. The only smart lock I like is the Nest Yale.

Artur says:

of all these cameras none have infrared LED 940nm or something that
makes them invisible in the dark, and not appreciable which makes them
easy to disable or steal. None use codec H.265 or H.265 + which would
benefit the storage and transmission of information. they do not use any
IRCUT or WDR 120db. They must improve them ¡¡

Toni Edinger says:

I was looking at the Morphxstar systems and was hoping someone could give me a review on any of them. I know Sony makes them and THEY say the camera they're a great camera.. ANYONE???

Steven Taylor says:

What’s the name and model of those solar lights on the side of your house ? And cost ?

Nic S says:

How do you get the Ring update apps to have control external lights option for the Ring spotlight cam mount version? I checked the google play store and I dont see any push for the update version.

Jose Oliveira says:

Are you able to connect the Reolink cameras to Google Home?

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