My Top 5 Security Cameras of 2018!

My Top 5 Security Cameras of 2018!

A break down of my Top 5 favorite cameras of 2018! #Amcrest #Security #Cameras kind of stole the show this year…will 2019 bring anything different?

Camera Product Links:

Camera Review Links:
— Amcrest 4K Outdoor POE Bullet IP Camera
— Amcrest 4K Outdoor POE Dome IP Camera
— WGCC IP Poe Dome Camera
— Ubiquiti Unifi UVC-G3
— Amcrest 4MP UltraHD Indoor WiFi Camera

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Contest Goodies says:

Funny, I do not know all the technical terms, and didn't know security cameras are so big, but it's cool. I have a Night Owl system, I am using in a giveaway. Not sure if it is as good as the cameras you are talking about, but hey the system, let your people know if they get in the contest, it is possible to win a six camera security set.

Erlyk Dalkien says:

I just want to have a good warning should my exgirlfriend attempt to steal my dogs. I also want proof. I'm not going to get a good response in time. Regardless, I am fucking annoyed that I am going to have to upgrade from my 2011 flip phone tracphone.

Jonathan Perry says:

Loved the video… but if you are not tech savy enough go put in your own switch, what cameras might you suggest?

spenegdt says:

This video is useless for the layman people looking for a good camera. He uses all the technical lingo the just go over head the regular non tech person. I think he is just trying to impress people instead of being informative. Waste of time.

Teresa Kubat says:

my uncle is almost 90 and he is unable to operate cell phone. I look for security camera that has a strong speaker so I can talk to him , while I am away . I am looking for a good advice about home cameras , thank you.

John Norris says:

Any interest in reviewing Jidetech dome cameras? I see them on Amazon a lot.

Troll Troll says:

can someone message me a link to a facial recognition camera please.

Daniel McBride says:

Just FYI, they have garage door openers that you can use their app to check if the door is open or closed and how long it has been… you can open and close it from anywhere in the world and not only can you see if it is opened or closed but you can actually do something about it… I have one and it was pretty cheap from Home Depot and comes with a back up battery letting you use it even when the power goes out

TheBigb1973 says:

arlo pro 2 is good too

Jaron Pulver says:

Do you have a NVR you recommend for a 4 camera system? Preferably rack mountable?

Carlos Méndez says:


TRattana03 says:

Should I get a VPN for my ip cameras?

Brian C says:

Is the amcrest 4k bullet worth buying if you are only recording to the micro sd? And your reolink issues are with the wifi cameras or even the poe drops?

Blaise Gauba says:

Just to let you know Byte My Bits… it's etcetera… not egsetera. Otherwise, pretty good review, although when you are referring to other peripherals, such as "Blue Iris", rather than making your viewers have to stop and do research on what Blue Iris is, it might be a good idea to give a short explanation to keep your viewer's attention. Otherwise, you might lose that viewer. Also, perhaps shorten your reviews and explanations a bit if you can. (I gave you a thumbs up anyway.)

Fred Denis says:

I have a small bar with low light and would like to purchase a surveillance system for keeping tabs on the bartender. what would you recommend? I want be able to see denominations on Bills in low light

TheOnlyGHOST1015 says:

I have to agree my dad started with 1 and now he has 6

Steven Pace says:

You should check out Dahua. I have been doing many hours of research and it seems a LOT of people who are an authority on cameras think that Dahua makes the best "bang for the buck" camera. They are affordable and reliable from what I have read. Would be interested to see a review from you on them, especially compared to Amcrest.

owenno6 says:

Subbed for a fellow air capitol resident! Thanks for the info, it's a good starting point for our search for the right camera/system.

Elvio says:

Hey Jason im looking to get a security camera system for my house but dont know much about it ,looking for a system not to expensive around $400. Do you have any?watched all you videos on cameras but still not decided.thank you

melissa kroezen says:

Ill send you a Dahua cam for free- If you have a Cisco Poe switch, you should get better cams as well…Try Avigilon…

erikdawg60 says:

Too much talking godam

K H says:

I like the etsy Mario piece

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