OFF THE GRID SECURITY~Do It Yourself Home Security Tips

OFF THE GRID SECURITY~Do It Yourself Home Security Tips

OFF THE GRID SECURITY~ One the of the biggest concerns when going off the grid is our personal safety and security. Many us those w ho choice to live off the grid are living in very rural areas. This can be a safe haven for many of us who choice the self sustainble life. But it can also bring new risks in the the way of being on our own with no back up! We just cant call the cops if something looks fishy! We just cant have the state trooper come up if we need help. WE NEED to do it ourselves!
So here are some frugal easy tips to get anyone who wants some home security implemented without braking the bank!!!



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Jedidiah says:

Where I am in Nova Scotia there are many seasonal places, the thieves will wait for winter to do their dirty work….they will just drive around looking for places that haven't been shovel/plowed out, go in break a window or pry a door, leave immediately wait to see if anyone shows up over the next day, if not in they go….

S Robin says:

I like that idea of game camera, I just learned about them a couple weeks ago when a kid that lost his dog sat one up on my carport where I feed the animals, he was hoping his dog would be stopping by for a meal, so he would check it every day and gave up after a week of no show. All he got was stray cat pictures. I think I will invest in one as we have teenagers that like to smash mailboxes

Denise Hitt says:

The city plows would bash our mailbox right off the pole and not replace it :-O

Mike V says:

I think you picked a bad area for your homestead because of the beer cans that littered the front of your house. The fact that your mailbox was pulled out is a really bad sign. Your use of game cameras is a very bad idea because people wear masks, the resolution is bad and they can also be stolen even when hidden. Even if you put it up as high as you say, you will get poor resolution and only capture a blurred image of the top of someone's hear. From your tips, I pray you are not woken at night at gunpoint by intruders. Then you won't have a chance to get your guns. This is my advice (top 5): 1.) I have a large family and we take turns patrolling our property with both vehicle and foot patrol (We also pack but we are awake and ready to defend). 2.) Our homestead is heavily booby trapped and you will not make it to the front door. 3.) The road to our house id hooky trapped and if you attempt to drive a car on the road, your car will wind up in a ditch. 4.) Electric fence with barbed wire around our property. 5.) Electrified door knob with alarm. – If you let me know I can give you more ideas. I can also come and do an assessment if you's like. My family also constructs survival bunkers if you are interested. Let me know –

Essem Sween says:

Do you mean that your driveway is on your neighbours land? What happens if they decide to sell? Will you have to buy the land or will they incorporate your right of way into their sale? You could be in trouble if really cranky people buy it. The other thing is, is the land on both sides of the drive not yours? What if they put a building up smack dab across the drive are you going to be stuck and have to climb out? (I'm binge watching if you can't tell 😁 lots of comments suddenly)

Kurt Cooper says:

starry, I'm in just a questioning mood……lol
let me ask u seriously, if someone purchased the property close to u & they were very noisy & rude neighbors. my question is would u consider moving? it's a real world denarii & so I just wondered your thoughts.
be blessed.
(get mini cameras for your laptop security. solar.

Bob Hale says:

Thank you. Older video, but timely. I'm in the city and want an intruder camera for a snoopy landlord entering my apartment when I'm not here. Your trail camera is an excellent solution.

tracey bailey says:

I will be sure to check the supplier out that is a great way for security thanks

Jag S says:

Cheers guys, definitely getting a game camera! thank you 🙂 Stay safe and happy!!

Adams says:

Great information.

Ryan Lewis says:

You guys should wire up a driveway chime down by that second gate system. Or solar powered motion spot lights..If any car pulls in at night you would hear "ding dong" and whoever it is would get a spotlight shine from both posts if u put one on each pole.

buzzsaw301 says:

most of the game cameras I've ever spotted is due to the strap, I think Mr holder and I would get along quite well

a davis says:

good idea thanks.

Jim Gillespie says:

Just watched this! An oldie, but a goodie!

John Sullivan says:

Excellent .. TKY papa JOHN

Carrie Densley says:

Beautiful life style, beautiful country. You're so blessed to live there !

jerry lillman says:

Wow…what a beautiful place

MrScottytoohottie says:

how much is land there like yours. im thinking about homesteading too. nice video. thank you.

Joe Milton says:

Putting up gates and keeping them open does nothing for home security.

An Gar says:

We use the camera strap, but our oaks have moss so I use that to hide the strap. Works perfectly!

BurrowingBunny says:

In a bad SHTF societal meltdown situation I would get rid of the trespassing signs, the mailbox and the nice new gates and just place large boulders across your track, maybe twenty feet off the public road. Maybe also dig a ditch to deter ALL vehicles, a bit like those WWII anti-tank ditches. That way it would just look like a forestry track used by forestry workers. Maybe also have very large camouflage netting covering your house, it's visible from many miles away, especially if someone had a scope or binoculars.

dennis martin says:

To many pop ads in these videos. I'm out!

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