RING Security System Worth It?

RING Security System Worth It?

In this video we will look at the Ring Spot Light Cam as well as the Ring Security System. We will be installing and looking over some of the key features, and we’ll let the results speak for themselves.

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SupaMario81 says:

Good info, thanks for you time!

jsr 3691 says:

nice video. we love our system $200.00 can't be beat.

Gipsy Avenger says:

seems like it would be easy to simply cut the cord to disable this camera ?  Not for me

Vinnie says:

Cables on the outside looks horrible.

Jack Crow says:

Compared to NEST Secure, it's a freaking steal. If they turn it into a zwave automation hub, it will be a clear winner….period.

Tufael Ahmed says:

American homes look like Children’s playhouses

MrEnergyCzar says:

when the "base station" loses power, does it also have battery backup? And does the siren also come out of the keypad?

David Chen says:

Does the RING alarm sound indefinitely once triggered or it has a set duration like Arlo does (1 to 5 minutes adjustable)?

Mommyof2 says:

This guys sucks 😂 Paid ad. Biased as fuck.

Diomer Ortiz says:

My guy… one of the “competing” systems is made by SimpliSafe and it’s the same entry price with WAY more security features. Also, this is clearly a paid ad. Be better

Yonatan Alvarado says:

What drill bit did you use for anchors

Da C. says:

Only a fool would open the window. They will come in thru the glass area of it or kick the door in.

GSRBOB says:

Damn that sux you had to drill more holes for the cam 🙁

airforce525 says:

So when someone breaks into your home through the glass and doesn't open the window….. then what? The motion sensor you might say, you'd be wrong. The motion sensor is not on while you're home. This kit comes with 4 open /close sensors, which is maybe enough for your doors alone. Being in law enforcement and home security systems currently, I have to tell everyone to beware. These DIY kits seem sleek, cool, and trendy. However, if you are looking for something to actually keep you and your family safe from the evil that exists outside your front door, get someone who knows what their doing. Do not get a "security system" from a company that made doorbell cameras………

Bill Latibay says:

I stopped watching as soon as i saw you ran the camera’s wire outdoor.

JB says:

So just like the old wired alarms you cut the power and it's useless.

Dustysa4 says:

If you cut the power to your home does the app notify you that your system is offline, or offer up any snapshots from before the power went down? I like the idea behind these, but without a backup battery and cellular line, you'd be sol. Even if the cameras run on batteries…no power = no modem = no images sent to cloud storage.

Eyal Simhon says:

Can u please tell us if you can have mutiple users on the alarm. Like a code for the wife and the cleaning lady and so forth. Thanks

Gary Fox says:

He waves his arms around as if he's conducting an orchestra. Quite annoying.

n Sling says:

On the first camera, can you add it onto multiple phones??

Patrick Ryan says:

Is the motion sensor sensitive enough to be triggered by pets?

ricky dunn says:

When your given products how can you be non biased?

Brian C says:

actual verdict at 5:49 for the alarm..

Conscious Puppet says:

Great video, I can tell you're a professional. Quick fast and easy.

Edd Du says:

Thanks for doing a review I was hesitant to buy it but it looks okay 👌

eElectrons - All about Science and Technology says:

I think so http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KxUr-ZlIJU

timon0x31 says:

The base is the heart of your system and should be placed where it's very hard to get to or damage. I strongly suggest you move yours.

Same idea goes for your window/door sensors. Putting them at the bottom makes it easy for someone to push a magnet under when and fool the system. Better to place them on the side near the top of the window.

thesheikof says:

Hey Mr. Build It, I have a 1550 sq ft ranch home with three entries. I want the system to be centrally monitored for entry and fire, and I want to be able to monitor through an app. I'm also on a budget. I've narrowed the search down to Simply Safe and Ring. I'm interested to know how you would compare these two systems? Simply Safe costs a little more. Is it worth the extra expenditure? If so, why?

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