The Best Self Monitored Security Systems

The Best Self Monitored Security Systems

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Investing in a home security system doesn’t mean that you have to pay for monthly fees. Ring Alarm, Vivint, Scout Alarm, abode, and Nest Secure are all great options that allow you to self-monitor through your app. All include DIY installation, aside from Vivint. Plus, all of the systems offer 24/7 professional monitoring as an option as well. Only abode, however, gives you on-demand professional monitoring, a really unique feature that I haven’t seen from any other security company. In addition to monitoring, I’ll be discussing each company’s system components, installation processes, customer support, and apps before helping you make your decision.

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Leaf Type says:

but which one…

Michelle J says:

Can these wifi security systems be hacked?

theNLRflash says:

Just so you know, if you finance Vivint’s equipment, they require you to sign a 5 year monitoring contract. Altogether after 5 years, the system would have cost me over $5,000. They are very sneaky about this and resort to high pressure sales tactics, and bait and switch approaches. I went with Ring Alarm and have been very pleased.

Yo dog vets Kk says:

Nice video but I think Ring is best out of them all. It has all the features you mentioned about the other systems like great integration and cell monitoring. Plus it is 100 for the year. I dont know why you did not mention that.

Gab says:

I rather wait for the Wyze Sense for 20 bucks or just buy the Xiaomi Mi Smart Sensor Set and some Xiaomi cameras.
I would not recommend the Ring Stick Up Cams. I am about to send them back because they are unreliable. The live view is just a black screen 4 out of 5 times, weak signal even when they are close to my router, even with chime pro.

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