5 DIY Projects to Make Your Kitchen Look Like New!!!

5 DIY Projects to Make Your Kitchen Look Like New!!!

And Sell Your Home 4 Top Dollar! Quick remodeling projects to maximize your Sale and get it Sold Quick!

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Sophie Person says:

Your videos are amazing.

Yvonne Cusmano says:

Hi Jeff. Great video and great info as always. I have a couple questions I hope you can help me with. I’m planning to add backsplash tile to my kitchen and I’m wondering if the system you used for tile over tile would work if I wanted to use a ceramic subway tile over my Formica backsplash? I DO NOT want to try to remove the Formica as I’m sure (as you point out) the entire drywall will end up having to be replaced. Second question is can you recommend an excellent quality flooring product (for my kitchen and laundry room) I can install over 12X12 ceramic floor that is set in a mortar bed with mesh? The tile and grout is in great condition, just ugly as hell! There is no way I can demo the tile myself, too much of a job with my physical limitations. Maybe some type of Luxury Vinyl tile? I really want the look of a stone or tile 12X24 with grout lines. It will transition to sold oak hardwood. Any suggestions you or this community can offer is greatly appreciated 😊. By the way I’m in Michigan so it’s probably important any product recommendations are available in the U.S. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer😊

AhJin Jhoung says:

Jeff! You are the best!!! Thank you😄😄

Beau Mullins says:

Close your eyes on some of the videos and you would swear it was Red from Red Green talkin.

Aelanna64 says:

Wouldn't it be nice if they had grout guns?

Scott Gillis says:

If all your cupboard doors and drawer fronts are covered in plastic vinyl and are peeling is there any other option but to replace the doors/drawer fronts?

irfan shaikh says:

I always follow you. I am your big fan and you are teacher too.

Caleb G. says:

It seems like regardless of the type of home you buy you're going to encounter someone who wasn't smart / was cheap / lazy with a remodel. But which is worse a new home with a bad remodel or an old home with a bad remodel? My biggest problem with old homes is potential big ticket items that need replacing HVAC, piping (ie low pressure bc of mineral build up) and electric (no ground, fewer outlets, 100 amp panel). On the other hand newer homes aren't built with the same longevity in mind. My thought is a home from the 70-80's with as few remodels as possible. What do you think?

Pickle Toe Joe says:

Hi Jeff, at 25:13, I thought I was watching Bob Ross there for a minute. I love your shows. Thanks for all the time and effort you put into them. I appreciate you and your team. Bill

rayray07ish says:

I think your tutorials are great. However, some of the things that you're implementing such as covering the already in place backsplash with tile would make me uncomfortable purchasing anything that you may have worked on. Kind of like covering walls with 20 layers of wallpaper.

steve simpson says:

Another enjoyable learning episode , thanks Jeff

MPCpropertydevelopments says:

great tips…. i'll put to use thanks…

Ahad Muhammad says:

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for all that you do !! I've been binge watching your videos and my wife thinks I'm crazy. LOL … anyway here's my situation, we've had a guy start our bathroom and he left the walls with nothing but green backer board and I'm ready to go in and try my hand at finishing it. For me to add tile to the walls exactly what's the best way to go about it, for a person that has no remodeling skills whatsoever ? Thanks and you have inspired me to go for it.


Raj Dann says:

YES!! show us my friend….

Cards Are My Canvas says:

Jeff who else would you recommend in the Ottawa area for quartz. I have Ottawa granite on my list now but do you know urban quartz?

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