5 Quick and Easy DIY Kitchen Projects

5 Quick and Easy DIY Kitchen Projects

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Here are five quick and easy DIY kitchen projects to increase the function and help store a few items we all have. In the video I show you how to make a live edge shelf to hang wine glasses from the side of the cabinet. An easy railing system to install under a cabinet to hang wine glasses from. How to organize a silverware tray better so that you can store utensils under a moving shelf. How to make use of the inside cabinet door space by storing up to four cutting boards. Then also how to add a few shelves to a kitchen cabinet that has a ton of wasted space.



bobmeister51 says:

I enjoyed this video very much, and a couple of the ideas I will definitely use. But I have one small critique. Whenever I use pocket screws I try to place the holes where I cant see them. The higher of the natural edge shelves I would have considered putting the screw holes on the top since most people aren't tall enough to see them. Another option would have been to screw the shelves from the inside of the cabinet.

James Thompson says:

I like the projects, but you have to be pretty confident to drill holes in the side of that nice cabinet.

Gilly McGillface says:

Hi April, just wondering why one your first project you didn’t just drill holes then use the jigsaw to cut down to them instead of going for the square end hole? Personally I think a round end would look and hold the glass better. Still looks great and does it’s intended job though.

Just my opinion everyone, don’t go getting cranky…


Those were good ideas and really cool !

Alientcp says:

Dayum. You have a lot of scraps of everything.

Russell Olds says:

Awesome ideas!

JDS Weather First, Brewer, Maine News & Events says:

April how about a freestanding Pantry

PumpkinDog33 says:

Nice! We're moving into a new house soon and I'm excited to maybe try these out!

Aryen Jumaya says:

I love these organizational projects of yours April, especially if its for your own personal use

James Watkins says:

We have the same cabinets that you do. Lol. Great ideas.

Romain T says:

I'm suprised you never use a router. Would be very cool to use in those little projects. Anyway great video, like always!

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