Can You Really Get A Custom Kitchen Look With IKEA?

Can You Really Get A Custom Kitchen Look With IKEA?

Part 2 of The Custom IKEA Kitchen.Doors, Drawers, End Panels and Toe Kicks Plus All the Details for an Amazing Finish!

Cabinetry was purchased at IKEA, using the SEKTION System, the base cabinetry is Maximera White and the cabinet doors are in Bodbyn Grey. The cabinet handles were purchased at Description: Wayfair Basics, Centre Cup/Bin Pull in Flat Black, 5 1/16″

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Steve J says:

Very nice Jeff. Thanks

Johnny Duplantis says:

Jeff, I don't know if it's intentional or just the truth, but your showing the foibles along the way keeps me engaged. If you showed a flawless step by step, I would probably fall asleep. Especially since I'm watching while I should be sleeping. I learn so much.
And, by the way, I disagree with your reply to someone stating the obvious(rerun) about the other channel, that the channel was "for a different audience". I'm bichannelual and can't get enough of either. I gave Max credit for the music on the repurposed videos but whomever is responsible it adds a lot to the love that is better the second time around.

iamShakita says:

I'm working on a bodbyn white ikea kitchen now , putting the base/wall cabinets together myself, but I have patience. It may not be for you if you don't have the patience to put it together yourself, unless you're willing to hire someone else to put it together for you.

zidi1982 says:

"by the time you install one you became an expert" but you install more than one and still.. not an expert… 😀

richard mckenna says:

Jeff if I recall the screw goes into the back of the drawer

zidi1982 says:

Still don't know where the long screw goes? And you assembled Ikea before.. and teaching others… there is a hole on the back metal panel.. and it's there to screw the bottom panel with that screw…

Lynn Nicholson says:

Beautiful cabinets, thanks so much for showing us how to fit, more importantly how not to fit! Saved us hours of aggravation😩😭😡

Hape says:

Last year I built my IKEA kitchen, it costed me 828 € (USD 900) including sink, tap, oven, induction hob, exhaust hood, countertop and delivery. It took me two days to install and now I have the nicest kitchen I've ever had. IKEA rules! (BTW: My model is called "Knoxhult")

robert nolastname says:

I used these same cabinets with the gray finish and style that you are using in my kitchen 5 years ago. got mine from Ikea also. love them !!!

Willem Gr says:

Boxes boxes boxes

Follow Media says:

damn. i love watching people assemble IKEA stuff especially when it's my favorite people

Darkz says:

10 years ago when we looked into reno our old kitchen in our first house, went to one of the "well known" brand got a quote for 30k CAD with 8 weeks plus lead time. Went to IKEA and got everything for 5k, installed all the cabinets in one week. even after 6 years of usage, the cabinets were still in top shape, everything held well when we sold it. For price and quality, there is nothing can beat it IMO. Will definitely buy them again when we built our next home.

CB BC says:

The industry calls it RTA (Ready to assemble). Do an internet search on RTA cabinets and you'll suddenly find a lot of choices aside from bland IKEA and you'll find them just as easy if not easier on your budget. Likely a brand in your own country as well.

Iron Will says:

Loved the video

s 9 says:

Yes you can! I did mine from ikea, installed it all myself and it looks amazing

Rauf Babayi says:

you are doing awesome as always
i love to watch it

hagakuru says:

Sorry, but the herringbone framed tiled section on the wall looks horrid. Complete distraction and highlights what will be the dirtiest part of the wall. Which is something you don't want to draw the eye to.

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