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Peggy Esquivel says:

FYI…the IkeA kitchen event is going on now

Clara Santiso says:

Nice looking kitchen. Considerable.

Ginger C says:

I LOVE your channel. I just found you and I’ve been binge watching! ❤️. I just watched this IKEA kitchen video. I just put in an IKEA kitchen also at my cottage. Everything you said is totally 100% accurate! My sister and myself and her husband installed the kitchen ourselves. It was quite simple. Thank you for all your great content. I love my US channels too but you are my #1 and it’s so great to hear someone talk about items we can get at home too.

Vanessa CM says:

IKEA is expensive
Home dept is why less. We spend for kitchen LESS than $1,000 ; installed ourselves no cabinets upper.
I will say if I use IKEA
Will be the "cabinet pantry" pull over ..
The regular cabinets, goues on the floor will be use home depot.
And upper shelfs home depot or IKEA.
That may cost perhaps $2,000
Your kitchen looks nice.
Congrats if you guys could spend 10K

CapturingLifeinProgress says:

I'm in the US, so things might be a little different here. We paid for a designer deal, so they sent someone to our house to measure everything and then we had a designer working with us do design the kitchen and make sure everything would work and have the fillers necessary. After we purchased our kitchen from IKEA, they refunded 100% of the money we paid for the designer deal. It was awesome! And here the installers do all the finishing details, unless you use products that are not sold by IKEA. We got our door handles from a different place, so I had to install them myself, but that was pretty easy. We've only had our kitchen for a year, but we love it!

Jan Courtney says:

Hi Christina. I’m from Australia and we have just bought an ikea kitchen. I am so excited about it and can’t wait to get it installed. We are getting someone to install for us because I want it done right. I love your kitchen and have admired it every time I watch your videos that it is in. Had no idea it was ikea. This makes me so happy to see that yours is one. We got a few custom kitchen place to come and give us quotes, but they where way over our budget. I have admired ikea kitchens every time I go there. I have also had a number of people say don’t go with ikea, and to be honest it really upset me. I have done a lot of research and there is a lot out there that have ikea kitchens and are very happy with them. And…..what I like is that they have a 25 year warranty. As with everything, you will always find someone that is not happy with something. I am so excited to get ours. I wish I was a genie 🧞‍♀️ and just blink and it was done😂🥰 Thank you so much for sharing this video, I really needed to see it. Take care and have a fabulous week. Jan 💖💖

TracyHRodriguez says:

Very helpful. A few questions. Who did the backsplash? Would you recommend them just for countertop replacement? And do you know if I can paint laminate cupboards?

Naomi Green says:

Thank you so much for sharing this video. We are about to start our kitchen reno and this was very informative and helpful. Great job!

Canita Campbell-Simpson says:

Hiya DIY Mommy, thank you for being so informative. I really need to think of all options and plan careful. You have certainly helped me to pull in the reins, as there are quite a few thought processes needed to install and design a kitchen and with whom. Tjank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. Blessings.

Cuisine Malak says:

Nice video🥰🥰

Broad Meadow Farm says:

We also did an IKEA kitchen about 7-8 years ago. I love it. The only downfall is the dishwasher we purchased from their (because of the hidden front). It hasn't been as good as we'd like and when we do our next house we will do another kitchen from IKEA again and just buy appliances elsewhere. The over the range microwave from IKEA is great though!

Tameka Conley says:

Hi there, looks good! Quick question, do you like your Kitchenaid refrigerator? We are in the market for a new fridge and have narrowed it down to the same one you have and a GE Cafe one. Did you do a video on the Refrigerator by chance? Thanks!

Tk Tk says:

I really enjoy watching your videos!
Lots of love from Germany!😍

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