DIY Kitchen backsplash project

DIY Kitchen backsplash project

Just an easy DIY project to perk up a kitchen. Anyone can do it and it’s inexpensive but really brings a little character to a kitchen. Thanks for watching! See you again soon! Hugs! xox



Sherry Alcott says:

Wow looks great. Where can I buy the tin

Lexi Cat says:

i love it Coleen!

Moonshine says:

You did a great job with this backsplash!Love it!!

Signé Cee says:

Well Done You! It looks great!

Sharon Walker says:

Nice touch! I might try this!!💗

Priscilla Yarman says:

Cute kitchen! 💖

Trish Forney says:

Great job looks super!

All That Beauty With Lori says:

Hi Colleen, It looks lovely!! You did a great job in putting it all together, thank you for sharing , and hope you have a wonderful week my friend xoxo <3

It's Kami and Tony says:

Hi lets support each other subscribe back ☺️

chavira256 says:

Hey Colleen~what a great transformation! My neighbor applied this same pattern punched tin (replica) on her stove backsplash, in a copper tone finish. Now, I'm thinking of adding it to my kitchen too.
I would imagine the refection brightens your kitchen which would be a nice bonus.

Mary Reed says:

Wow! You did a great job! It looks great! Big hugs, xoxo Mary

Rockysmom1234 says:

Looks very nice! I also like that little plug in light fixture you have there.

Peggy S says:

Wow- that does  make a huge difference in the look of your backsplash area!  Great job Colleen!!!

rakesfunnyfarm says:

Rachael Ray had this on her show this morning. They used some kind of tape to hang on the walls.

Sue Donner says:

It looks great! You did a great job. I installed a bidet on my toilet and was so impressed with myself. LOL.

pmb5005 says:

Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Embellish Life says:

Love the tin tiles and I have used this on a DIY too. Looks great! What a fun project. Thanks for sharing your handy work. Love and Hugs, Heidi xoxo

TeriGigi says:

Looks amazing! Great job 🙂

Sarah Ray says:

Looks nice. Good job Coleen ❤️

Karen Kingrey says:

Wow!!!!! You did a great job!!! 🤗. I'm so impressed. And thinking about copying your idea! 😉

Winterbottom, Sharla says:

It looks wonderful! Have a great night!

Carla Ludwig says:

SO pretty! We used the same thing to cover our dishwasher door.

Shake Up Makeup says:

Love your kitchen Colleen! You did an awesome job. I have missed you. So happy to see a video from you. Lots of love…Laura

mysonruns says:

Looks great Coll!

Yvonne B says:

That looks really nice Colleen well done you 😉 Hugs xx

Liz Walker says:

Looks fab👍 great job!

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