DIY Modern Mini-Kitchen Build || Home Improvement

DIY Modern Mini-Kitchen Build || Home Improvement

Today on Modern Builds: How to build a fresh, contemporary plywood studio kitchen that packs in a lot of function in a small space. I built this tiny kitchen in the room that I renovated from an Attic into a Home Theater room for my parents last year. This would be great for entertainment rooms, a studio apartment, tiny house, or cabin. I’ll have free plans below if you’re interested in making something similar to get more utility out of a small space. Thanks for watching and supporting as always!

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Attic Renovation Video:
Bathroom Reno Under $500:
Floating Shelves Video: Coming Soon

Stuff I used:
Kreg ACS:
3/4″ Birch Plywood: Home Depot
12″ Speed Square:
Battery Powered Finish Nailer:
Gator Drywall Sponge:
Gator Tack Cloth:
Drawer Slides:
Wood Glue:
Maker Brand Clamps:
Gator ROS Sandpaper:
Rockler Hinge Jig:
Blum Hinges (inset):
Blum Hinges (half-overlay):
Wood Finish (Water Based):
Silicone Adhesive:
Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Gold):
Peel and Stick Wallpaper (Silver):
Plumbers Putty:
Sharkbite Connectors:
Digital Angle Gauge:
Camera I use:

Written Article & Plans Coming Soon:
Instagram: | @modernbuilds
Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery



Wico90 says:

IMO the silver wallpaper would have looked better with the other silver accents, but what do I know

John Edwards says:

Looks like you might need some lighting over there – might I suggest some LED strips inlaid into the underside of that top floating shelf? That would be pretty dope IMO.

Can do Cody says:

“Hi Guys I’m Mike Montgomery, and here’s 20 min of sponsors, promo tools, paid tool spots, and all the plywood in the world”

Joe Smith says:

Dope fridge!

Spencley Design Co. says:

Sick video Mike! We've been following the podcast and Insta stories and are so stoked to finally see the video!

justtestingonce says:

Is anyone else uneasy building kitchen cabinet with wood glue and 16g nails?

LydEm says:

this video was too bright for my eyes

Eric Frye says:

@17:55 The top floating shelf looks as though it is tilted down on the left due to the camera angle.

Mike Johnson says:

Love the ad placement for light beer

sportstertaco says:

I that the cutting board you made out of a piece of firewood?

Jeannie Alford says:

Great job, again. Wish you were my son.

Komar Project says:

Dude that turned into such a cool space. I’m obsessed with the retro fridge. Such a cool addition. Great job brother !!!

NicoleHerrick says:

Love it. Super simple and modern.

Tulio Calliari says:

So, how does that fridge will vent????

Gordon Edmiston says:

I love the DIY Special of 'bucket under all new plumbing' that is featured at 19:24

L. J says:

I love u 😂🤍😊

Erik says:

The right term for a mini-kitchen is Kitchenette. Just saying.

Stephanie Velez says:

You guys should make a bedroom/office platform build!

Anani Dots says:

This is phenomenal

Problematic Bitch says:

You're drilling a lot of holes i see

Problematic Bitch says:

You're drilling a lot of holes i see

Michael Hayes says:

do more videos with small rooms and spaces!

Muhammad Shahrukh says:

You Are Amazing, Keep It Up, Stay Connected

JJS96 says:

Mini kitchen. This is an average kitchen for renters here😂😂

Best apps Las mejores apps says:

I wish i had that amazing

Richard Sherman says:

great work! just one question though, there is no ventilation behind the fridge – that will affect both its performance and its longevity – warm air from the compressor needs to go somewhere – is it not worth running a duct behind the unit?

is says:

It is super common setting in korean “one room” (small studio apartment)

the cake is a lie says:

just in time, I was looking for kitchenette ideas, I would totally go for this

carlos Giraldo says:

Dude, I love your videos!

Matt Grimmett says:

I would say this is more of a wet bar instead of a kitchen

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