DIY Outdoor Kitchen

DIY Outdoor Kitchen

The best way to impress your neighbours is by bringing your kitchen to the campfire.

What projects should we make next? Let us know in the comments!

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EdgySangat101 says:

floating kitchen!!!!

Adam B says:

The biggest challenge:

hang glider, boat car, paraglider who actually work!
please it would be awesome especially if a 10 year old could use it.

xXBloxgamerXx says:

Make the ultimate popcorn bar

Hacking The System says:

Make a good truck

Justin N says:

Make a floating grill in the water

Bionic Knights says:

Make a swing yes a big swing ink a few feet above the lake so I can jump off if ya want

Josip Šustić says:

make a diving board

saiaddict says:

maybe make a bunker ?

Brenden Damen says:

make a mobile kitchen like what you did but put it on a dock/boat

Joshua Fletchington says:

FIRST DISLIKE!!!(I actually really liked it)

Halfax7 says:

Was that fiddle heads y'all where eating?

Oscar Barda says:

Or so here is a project that I've been wanting to build for EVER: a swing in the water. Yeah like a kid's swing but the seat is just a few feet above the surface.

Peppa Pug says:

Make longer videos

greyson mueller says:

mobile couch with a pullout coffee table of some sorts?

Elder Eggplant says:

It does look like an extremely versatile hot-dog stand

DJ Wolf says:

can i build a indoor aquarim on the lake? please

Vampiric lion says:

So this is what it's like to comment early

Beamishshrimp says:

good idea might try it

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