DIY Project: A Refashioned Fridge

DIY Project: A Refashioned Fridge

Bring character to your refrigerator with this quick and easy design solution that’s both affordable and stylish. A fashionable way to refresh your kitchen décor, this clever DIY project can be completed in 60 minutes or less!

Project Tools:
Zoe Blox Decals:
Eden Weekly Dry-Erase Dots:



Nur Amer says:

Just tried this! My fridge is old enough that there are yellow marks on the door! Not pretty at all. I'm so grateful for this method! Now, my fridge looks much better alhamdulillah. Tip: it was difficult using a long rolled wallpaper, I suggest using a square shaped wall paper or cut it up into smaller sections so that you can easily smooth the sticky surface on to the curvature of the fridge. Pick a pattern that has a symmetrical design or plain so that it is easy to find and join the seams together.

Paws Of Love says:

WOW! What a great Before and After look's Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Will me doing my fridge soon.

Reclaim_rime says:

why did you not screw handels of and then applied the stickers ?

Girl Beautiful says:

Omgggvosh gurrrlllll this is fantastic. I love it so much!!! 😁

Aracely Smith says:

How many packs did it take to accomplish the whole thing?

Lubna Hafeez says:

Where can I get it from ?

Debby Spencer says:

Is this removable. I'd like to try it but I'm nervous because I live in an apartment.

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