DIY Range Hood + New Floors & Kitchen Progress / Cottage House Flip Episode 9

DIY Range Hood + New Floors & Kitchen Progress / Cottage House Flip Episode 9

More major progress was made over the holidays including new flooring, counter and sink installation, bathroom updates and this week’s DIY project: a custom reclaimed wood range hood!

Make sure to check out today’s blog post for all of the sources:

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HazelJulez F says:

May I ask where did u purchase the vent hood ? I want to build this but not sure where to get the actual venting system at

Stevey Irwin says:

you guys should not be doing this, absolutely terrible craftsmanship, ruins the entire renovation, construction, and real estate markets – congrats on your bs youtube blog, though, seriously….

x FLATICIA x says:

I love it

New York Plantings Garden Designers & Landscape Contractors NYC says:

Slice video and good job but I have to give a poke to the guys I've never seen two guys using a compound miter saw together before 🙂

Amy Simmons says:

very nice! Where did you get the interior hood motor?

McCall McRae says:

Hi Jenna, sorry I’m just now finding your video but I still want to ask…where did you find your claw foot tub shower curtain? They can be so spendy and I love yours!

Egor Mrinskiy says:

I heard about woodprix instructions good opinions.

Vadym Volodko says:

I know that woodprix has the best woodworking plans ever.

Handmade Channel says:

thanks for idea! I just finished frame for my hood, but I'm going to cover it with hammered copper

Jennifer Swift says:

what brand and/or model # of insert/liner did you use inside this vent hood?

lale can says:

the hood idea 👍🏻 love it

BrownGirlrep says:

Nice but am i the only one that thought the hood was slanted?

rneustel says:

Everything looks wonderful! Are you going to put up tile in the kitchen? I finally talked my husband into letting me put up white subway tile in our kitchen after he saw your kitchen at the last place. How difficult is it to do a wall mount faucet? I guess you have to rip into the wall if you have regular countertop mounted faucets.

Go Build Ideas says:

Great Job! Love the looks th the chimney thing!

Mary Pily says:

wow very talented!

irene viciana says:

sigo el proyecto de tu casa , me encanta , va a quedar preciosa , saludos desde España

Jaye J says:

It's like Christmas morning, waking up to find you posted a new video! Yay. Looks awesome. Wishing you blessings in the new year!

cocoblanche says:

Can't wait to see the finished house! You're doing such a great job!

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Very cool project! I like how it turned out. 😉

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