How To: $500 DIY Kitchen Remodel | Update Counter & Cabinets on a Budget

How To: $500 DIY Kitchen Remodel | Update Counter & Cabinets on a Budget

Here is the list of the things I purchased:
Countertop Paint –
Drill –
Hinges –
Handles –
Ceiling Light –
Painte’s Pyramid Stands –
Paper Towel Holder –
White Wood Filler –
Liquid Nails –



Lee & Bri DIY says:

Thank you for all the likes! Please subscribe because my friend Lee and I will be starting to create new videos soon and I think you will love them! Stay tuned!

Katie Lynne says:

fire up!!!!

Creek Tilghman says:

I found a project for it on stodoys website.

Khalid Hussein says:

My kitchen cabinets doors are formacia so how can I paint them because you can't sand them

emmett streeter says:

Another example would be your Black #12 Would be your hot and then your black #14 Would be your switch leg.

emmett streeter says:

Black red and blue colors are your hots. When running your switch leg to the light. Your supposed to change the color. So when you make up the switch you know that black would be your hot and the red is your switch leg. Tell grandpa he did it right.

Forza The Kid says:

Fire up chips! 🔥

dee doc says:

Great video! You gave me some ideas in some areas. The kitchen cane out beautifully especially for $500. You’re a good teacher/explainer. I could see you having your own home diy show. Thanks so much!!

Richard Lynch says:

My house was like that for a few years, I live 40miles East of Los Angeles in a house built in the 70's. I kinda liked it for a bit because I used that sticking out area to eat in the morning and play cards or whatever with people. But it opened the space up so much after removing that part and cabinets.

Ircar47 says:

I don't wan't to rain on your parade ,of course people have different taste ,I hope in a future with more experience your video and skills would improve . The counters should be last ,not 1st, when sanding ,painting -ventilation and dust control a must . Maybe later with some décor it became better ,but as you showing ,kitchen became smidge more modern ,but blah . Best regards for future ,your video still helpful. P.S. drop the music when you talk, those jingle from video game is annoying.

KJ and Tay says:

looks great! good job guys!

David Hsieh says:

So much work on the countertop paint, I would have just replaced the veneer. New modern doors too, sanding down all those details must have been painful omg

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