How to Turn Any Old Dresser Into a Unique Kitchen Island

How to Turn Any Old Dresser Into a Unique Kitchen Island

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Wishing you had a gorgeous kitchen island, but don’t want to spend the money to get one? This dresser to kitchen DIY is your answer! Find any old dresser at your local thrift store to make this unique DIY. If you love kitchen islands, this is the DIY project for you!

Click here to see the full step-by-step instructions to make your own kitchen island from a dresser:

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Cynthia Rodriguez says:

Love it! I will try to make one, thx for sharing.

Ihsan Deeb says:

That is really cute and excellent! Great diy

Venez says:

Hi there, I found a baby changing table that has two's great for the project. …the highest part is 36 1/2…the lower part is 32-33. Should I raise it a little …or should I leave it

Venez says:

OMG Amazing….I'm so happy I found this. I wanted a kitchen Island that was different….and I kept looking on Lowes, Homedepot sites….and now you gave me the best idea. I'm going to search on craigs list and go to good will to find me a dresser…this will be my christmas project….sooo excited..Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Mari Coto says:

Needs to be taller

Egor Biletskiy says:

Make it yourself thanks to woodprix plans. I think it's the best way to learn how to build it in the cheapest way.

Amelia Roque says:

Possibly add veneer plywood to back or ..?

ldylkr says:

It's beautiful.

M. F. Richardson says:

Great Job. Great idea. Thanks

Cheryl Rundle says:

Thats so awesome great Jobyou should use a mask specailly for varnish. I ended up in hospital once after inhaling after having work done at my house be careful

Kim Large says:

Very nice! Good video and to the point.

Tara Schmidheini says:

Awesome! 👍

Kim Pierre says:




ItsJoan NotJoann says:

Very nice, but I agree with other posters here. Casters to help move it about and bring up the height. As it's still going to be rather low I'd just opt for it to be a storage cabinet. Nice job!

isabel yau says:

Did you add boards to the two bottom drawer spaces?

Jerry Burger says:

You should have added caster wheels to finish it of, a real kitchen iland

Leslie Bryan says:

Nice but too low

P. consuela banana H. says:

All it needed was a piece to cover the back and wheels.

Hajar Abdulla says:

Very beautiful

MamaDoesIt says:

You skipped a bunch of steps…bummer

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