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Kitchen DIY with Hometalk is a live show demonstrating just how easy it is to put a durable, high-end-looking epoxy finish on your kitchen or bathroom countertops, coffee tables, desktops, and more. Learn the simple techniques to mimicking 3D, exotic, expensive natural stone for just a fraction of the cost! Watch as we answer all of your DIY epoxy questions with our friends at Hometalk, and unlock a treasure trove of renovation possibilities. What can YOU make with Stone Coat Countertops?

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Stone Coat Countertops is an epoxy based YouTube channel that will show you unique ways to DIY your way to an amazing kitchen, bath, resin art, construction, or design project on a budget. We believe in teaching skills in, woodworking, art, epoxy floors, epoxy countertops, and showing how to get realistic results to make your old laminate, tile countertop, formica, concrete countertop, garage floor, and walls look like renewed works of resin art! Simply put we are always looking for our next project to help all the DIY folks, contractors, designers, artists, and hobbyist, tackle their next makeover. Watch our free how to videos on the skills to make your dreams come to life with epoxy resin! Contact us anytime for free project support, (541) 450-1976 You Got This!
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Stone Coat Countertops says:

⚡ Have you seen the video on Hometalk? ⚡

Michael McDaniel says:

Ok obviously I missed the live production, but my question is can I do this over real stone. We have 12" x 12" stone tiles on our counter. The previous owner laid it, and to say the least it is not level at all. We have to be careful about sliding something on the counter cause it can catch the edge of the tile next to it and oops, over it can go if you're not quick. Or would it be better to just pull up all the tiles and start fresh with plywood and your Stone Coat? Enjoyed this video and some of the others as well. I'm very interested in this product. I've also gotten into resin casting for turning on the lathe. Fun stuff.

Nazar Serednytsky says:

I love your videos, very educational and fun to watch, but pleeeeease get rid of that guy with the phone camera!!!!

Humaira Rizvi says:

What if we don't have heat gun or torch.

Humaira Rizvi says:

What if we don't have heat gun or torch.

Humaira Rizvi says:

What if we don't have heat gun or torch.

rhonda jennings says:

Your music is toooooo loud.

Mariel Gabriel says:

Can I use it on corian countertop

Jimmy C Wood says:


BikerMouse 32 says:

Do you ship to europe? AWSOME education btw! 👌🏻

Raver Magik says:

So basically you use 1 product.. which has a part a and part b.. then you add colors to it , and depending on what the ORIGINAL product is (mdf tile etc) depends on what you need to do to PREP the product to begin. This seems super fucking easy.. Especially since you did it with your hands and not a trowl which shows how FORGIVING the product is.. Man i am seriously thinking of doing some side projects with this.Way to go guys.

Paul Kelly says:

How do measure the volume

Paul Kelly says:

Great Videos, Victoria ,B.C. Canada

m33lover says:

31:46 I believe Chris might of been caught watching porn on his end of the computer. I believe a table top cracked over his head would be a justifiable punishment. Thank you. Back to the show.

chandra shekar Shekat says:

How many contity mix A&B resin

iMOWclyde says:

How do you apply to Formica countertops with a built-in backsplash?

Pamela Davis says:


Corey Smith says:

I would like to see u do it over a tile floor,with out removing the tile..

Terry Jeffrey says:

I was going to throw out my old TV, video table that's looking pretty shabby, but not now. These are the perfect colours since it is black and silver.

Summer Sands says:

Is this finish heat-resistant and will it chip or break if a plate, cast iron, or sharp knife is dropped on it?

Brendon Mills says:

Can you use this on floors?

Jim Witkosky says:

I still can’t get smooth edges to look good. The top always comes out great. What’s the trick

Jim Witkosky says:

Jacksonville Florida
How do you make the edges smooth

Jim Witkosky says:

How do you make edges look good

Raghav Jalan says:

I'm from India and I regularly watch your videos.
Love the way you guys guide through the project.

But I have a doubt.
What is the paint primer you told about in the video?
Is it a epoxy primer or a general paint primer?

Hope to here from you soon.
All the best and keep up the good work.

Speedygoodyear says:

All of u are inspiring for what you guys do

Allen Baldwin says:

Philadelphia Pa …. Love your work bro

EtezE SnowVegan says:

I am currently in Fairbanks Alaska

Hal Hatmaker says:

Yes I hear you. All god

Mark Racicot says:

SCC guys, others have already pointed these things out, but I’m going to be ‘that guy’ and say them again… Please, for the love of God, do not let your cameraman be part of the shot for the whole shoot. I get it that there’s some modern style that might say it’s ok, but even then, that’s I n MODERATION. He blocked things as often as not when getting in place for some of the close-ups. He’s also shooting in portrait, which always looks awful live: consider that in landscape, those shots will take up less than a third of the video real estate. Yes, that can be flipped 90 degrees in post, but that takes time to render, and sometimes, it leaves artifacts. When you set up your production shot list, plan out what you want to show. Use wireless headsets so you can give floor direction to your mobile camera. You can take to a fixed camera for an overhead, have your mobile move in, and when the shot is right, take to his cam…

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