My $1600 DIY Kitchen Remodel

My $1600 DIY Kitchen Remodel

Visit for more information on this remodel. I invested in my kitchen remodel in phases and DIY’ed these projects as time and budget would allow. Here is the progression and how far you can stretch a $1600 investment.



VA2906 R says:

The backsplash looks tacky

YungStar Jc says:

damn good job 😍

Sandy F. says:

How or where did you have your door panels replaced to glass. Thanks

Carolina Fondevila says:

HI!!! loved it!! I have a tiered island as well and I want to make it flat. How did you cut it? outlets? can you explain that a lit deep please?

Chevy Williams says:

I love how the island looks after and so large. Plus the floor color you chose was attractive.

El Amigo says:

love the back splash thanks for idea

Sheila B says:

So beautiful !!!

Sir Nice says:

nice job. now upgrade the appliances.

Honest Comments says:

Smart decision to do it yourself. I would personally pain the cabinets crisp white, but that is a personal choice. Anyway the end result is amazing.

Jeff Kelly says:

Hey everybody. I am redoing my kitchen and am in need of your assistance. I saw a wallflower print that I loved but can't seem to find it now. It had pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green flowers and blue diamonds. Please let me know if you see anything like this. Thank you.

callynt says:

Gorgeous remodel. I love your idea for your backsplash.

Veronica Gonzalez says:

Love it. Good information.

InStyle-Decor says:

Keep up the great videos best wishes from Carol at Hollywood

Daisy Reyna says:

Great video! Definitely helped me think of how to remodel my kitchen with very little money 🙂

Golden Acre Renovations says:

Amazing tips for savings and cool design! #GoldenAcreRenovations

juanita arbelo says:

luv your remodel, thanx for sharing! great ideas btw!

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