Not-So-Simple DIY Small Kitchen Makeover!

Not-So-Simple DIY Small Kitchen Makeover!

H&H’s style director Kimberley Brown takes you behind-the-scenes of her DIY kitchen transformation. She wanted to refresh her wood cabinets, so she recruited video producer and stylist Reiko Caron to help her paint them. See how a fresh coat of white paint brightens the upper cabinets, while seafoam green lowers add a subtle pop of color. Removing the doors on the cabinet above the sink gave the small space an airy feeling. Plus, discover the design duo’s top tips — and mistakes to avoid — when painting your cupboards (think: use primer first when you’re painting solid wood and make sure to label the door hinges).

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mansi c says:

Totally agree on the hinges part…I just painted my own cabinets and had issues figuring out the hinge part…Love the honest video…

Carol Ann Noble says:

HINT: Number your cabinet doors (L>R ard K) and write # in hinge hole w marker. Also remove hinges and place in cabinet shelves for correct hinge to door to cabinet.

NOTE: to differentiate top doors from bottom, write upper cabinet # in top hinge hole and bottom doors in bottom hinge hole. Hardware holes help you know difference.

Ayesha says:

Hi, what finish did you use on the kitchen cabinets? semi-gloss, high gloss, or satin? thanks!

kk P says:

What landlord allows this? bye bye security deposit GmbH says:

What do you think? Would the bread boxes, made with swiss stone pine, fit to your kitchen design.
The smell will do it, we can promise it 🙂

Siren L says:

I just started on my own diy kitchen makeover, those paint triangles are gonna be a lifesaver! Thanks you two 🔥

Macarena Salazar says:

Ame esta transformación. Saludos desde chile.

Tiarra B. says:

💕🌸Looks great!!! Awesome tips as well ladies. Thanks!😊

Pamela Reptis says:

Thank you! I'm about to paint my kitchen and learned so much from this (I would never have thought to label the hardware) x

maria de jucilene tedesco says:

So helpful, worth watching. Thank you!

camper life1 says:

What is that color of green?

Katherine Crerar says:

It turned out so awesome!!

Yao Lu says:

Also, this might be the only H&H video I've watched that no one said "transformative" or "transform" or "transformation". Ok probably not, but there is a pattern… 😛

Leo Bonil says:

Great job, beautiful colors, beautiful smile Reiko you are the best

Jacinta Teresa says:

I really appreciate the reality of this video. it looks like it could be my kitchen, with real life tips that are helpful!

Hoài Tuân Lê says:

Đẹp quá đi mất

Somaye R.G says:


Happy TX says:

This is one of my favorite House and home videos! I

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