6 Steps For How To Plan A Landscape Design

6 Steps For How To Plan A Landscape Design

All 6 steps: http://www.smilinggardener.com/plants/how-to-plan-a-landscape-design

For many people, it’s getting to be time to figure out how to plan a landscape design for your organic garden. Doing some good old fashioned proper landscaping design planning will result in a much better garden.



Sally Morgan says:

Thank you! This was exactly what I was looking for to help me get my mind organized and start my design!

Kath Butt says:

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Toluwalase Peter says:

ill like to learn more of these cuz i want to start a career in land scaping

Engr. Bilal Younas says:

please talk about plant selection

Engr. Bilal Younas says:

nice work…

Sivakumar Kumar says:

wary good for me thankfully

Max Marshall says:

Very well edited youtube video.

JoNell Hickok says:

Like your simple approach ! Need to plan a new garden to prevent falling !

Ashwini Thorat-Jadhav says:

Wow… its awesome

Dan Fisker says:

How about teaching about functional design. 

Todd Sepulveda says:

Phil, I would love to see a video or elapsed time pics of your 3 sisters garden!

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