DIY Walkway for Your Home

DIY Walkway for Your Home
Looking for a DIY walkway tutorial? Our video shows you how we created the cottage-style walkway that goes around the front and side of our home (and we use it all the time!). This is a relatively inexpensive option for a walkway compared to doing brick, concrete or pavers. With a little sweat equity, some stone dust, pea gravel and brick (for the border), we show you how our walkway went in. We rented a machine to tamp down the stone dust ad with the help of our neighbor, had this walkway project done over a weekend. Our site will have more details. And we’ll give you walkway landscaping ideas, too. Thanks for watching. Find us at and also on facebook at



Maria Callous says:

I would not ever put gravel of any kind in my garden or property unless I planned to keep it forever.  Same with river rock.  It sinks into the ground over the years of rain and you put more.  The soil becomes undiggable forever.  You would have to backhoe it out and put in new soil.

madmike730 says:

Thank you for posting! I saw you used a compactor for sand, is there another way to compact sand? Ecomic reason! Have a good one.

Joaquin says:

How deep was the crushed gravel base you used?

Kit Truong says:

great job guys! big change with before and after!

Pedro Delesma says:

Could you have made a seperation between the new walkway and the existing mulch? If so, would it provide any benefits in appearance or any other benefits?

Ken Jones says:

Great video!  I was looking for a way to put in a path that will also acts as a drain for driveway run off water.  Been using pavers, but gravel makes more sense and will disperse water between pebbles.

Sumera Seraj says:

this was very nice, I liked how u explain at the end that u packed first with stone gravel and layer of pea gravel. my question is do you have to put water to dry each layer before packing or it is not necessary and secondly my area is about 20 ft maximum do I have to have this machine to do the packing with, because I don't have this heavy machine. I'm assuming I can probably rent it, but again since my area is not nearly as big as yours what is other alternative, thanks for a great diy video

aeriarose says:

Thanks for the DIY vid! Looks great, you two!

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