How to build a retaining wall

How to build a retaining wall

How to build a retaining wall. How to Build a Tree Ring Retaining Wall guide to landscaping.

The only raised planting beds retaining walls are great do it yourself projects
0:06people do these lots times we use what products are things like railroad ties
0:10portrait landscape timbers and nowadays would be treated to resist the case last
0:15pretty long even when it’s buried in the ground but you really have to install it
0:19properly or you will end up with rock problem so do yourself as we think a
0:23concrete product is a real good idea of a couple of brands in Norwalk and
0:27concrete blocks like this on the market and they work on the same basic
0:30principles probably the most important principle is to prepare the base for the
0:34wall properly on a project like this when we’re only going a couple of rows
0:38high with her while it’s not that big a deal only thing we have to worry about
0:42is not disturbing the soil will be leaving in place and we do this by what
0:46we call skimming I’m starting out here like cutting in and around the outside
0:51of our planning bit coming out dirt create the base for a block retaining
1:00wall is to run the shuttle almost horizontally or scraping up the slow you
1:06want to remove but you’re not digging up the soil underneath you should use the
1:11shuttle with a spirit knows tonight with a long handle to you can stand up
1:16straight and kick it with it but for me it’s easier to use a shorter stayed down
1:24here when a check to think we wanna make sure the wife of buried about halfway
1:31down that would be about two inches down ok it looks like we’ve got about where
1:37we wanted here in the front our war heroes are pretty good uphill slope
1:41figure about 15 inches from the front of the tree ring to the back so what this
1:45means for us is the first row only goal to appoint till starts to die into the
1:50uphill grade keep working around we’ve dug four inches at the drop of a block
1:59level that first block off lands back here
2:24hard-hit ball busting out some flanges a good idea to the black of a plan from
2:29the back here this is what keeps each row lock to the row underneath the first
2:34row you can knock off if you want or you can just force it down to the dirty
2:39little help hold it in place the ground it’s so hard here that just doesn’t work
2:44take off this flange hit with a hammer probably just about any hammer or using
2:49a picture so be sure to wear safety glasses when you go in this locker
2:53flying all over the place I want to be sure to check the level of the blocks of
3:02you put in position to make minor adjustments you just use a little thing
3:10and raise the block you don’t want to use loose dirt that will settle a bit
3:15over time
3:48the shape of the whole project got it just right
3:56remember about these as you want to make sure that they’re sitting right next to
4:06each other
4:07the front edges should be touching like they’re on our block here just finish it
4:11drove a wall like this you need to back fill in behind the blocks I think this
4:15mall is so simple we’re gonna fill it with a little soil and then what
4:18happened down really well the compact it just use the form I for real important
4:30have the top of each row clean before you put on the next 40 so if there’s any
4:34dirt you do need to sleep it off either side are doing this is because we have a
4:51curved wall if we have a strict walt would be necessary
4:54the flames back of the block here would line up and locked the block into just
4:59the exact position but we’re working to the curb while you run into their
5:04your plans to hold the block back too far so by knocking off the two sides of
5:12the flange clipped a server position and it’s in exactly the right spot back a
5:20little bit of land off the edge of the top blocks down squarely over the bottom
5:24row now we’ve done here set up what’s called a long-running bond pattern
5:27that’s where the joints between the blocks on the second roll line right up



Touge Evo says:

no base rocks…

Thomas Aguilar says:

Ned Flanders off the Simpsons lookin ass

signal13 says:

Curious as to why you didn't use sand, gravel or rock as a base for your first course? Won't this wall settle without that?

cutie pie says:

glue it down.

Melissa LuvsPlease says:

If you look at this home's front flower/shrub bed (looking at the front door, to the right) it is exactly like my home. I want to put a sloping retaining wall and was looking for a video that shows how to go from 1 block high to about 5-6 high.
Do you have a video or advice about building this type of wall??

BENTLE7 says:

Why did they show the level when it wasn't level at all?

Dirt Boy says:

Need to put some fabric on the back side to keep the dirt from "leaking" thru the joints.

How to Lay Tile says:

Build a Tree Ring Retaining Wall

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