Tree planting, shrubs and beds to landscaping

Tree planting, shrubs and beds to landscaping

Tree planting, shrubs and beds to landscaping

Overusing garden hoses to lay out our planning business here supports mostly
0:04working alone laying up his cure regular areas we want everything to look a
0:08certain way and I’m once once it’s all planet at the same time a lot of thought
0:13goes into exactly how we’re doing this nursery sent all these little rulers
0:18they convert the eight inch scale on the plan defeat so makes it easier to get
0:22our measurement like off the corner of this house we want to get this curve
0:26here so we take three measurements off the plan we go ninety degrees off the
0:31corner of the house and we get eleven and we’ve got 45 degrees to get 13 in
0:39another 90 degrees and we get none now we put steaks in at those points and
0:45loopholes around two matches curve tells us what you think
0:55laid out we’re going to cut our side down to the topsoil robbins been edging
1:03around the outside here with a square know a spade soak up the Sun began
1:06abusing our side kicker here there’s this little boy that goes down to the
1:09depth of the roots of the side so just made against boys started in kicking a
1:14long as you go well we’ve got all the bad laid out and cleared him we’re ready
1:23to install this plastic edging this is absolutely necessary but it makes a good
1:28barrier for keeping the grass from invading bad its ban on plastic with
1:33this wrong beat on the path that stays above the surface a separate out the
1:36planting beds and this web here the bottom portion get this up here this web
1:41portion gets buried under the ground and these groups tend to anchor the aging
1:45immigrants inside the engine has a Tennessee work itself out of the ground
1:48during winter frost use sometimes engine can be a little stiffer twist it becomes
1:55a coil so my son perfume it until ready to work with it
2:04been warming up all the Sun I’ve been digging a trench here to bury the edging
2:07I’m going down six inches which should do a good job in accommodating the depth
2:12of the depth of the aging itself will vary more expensive stuff going four to
2:17six inches into the ground you want us to bring a lot of freezing weather how
2:21to get the deepest aging available is that resist eating a lot better
2:28edging coming strip sixty feet long 24 hours are pretty common can you grab it
2:33for me
2:34ok once it’s manageable you just put it into the trench with the bead the same
2:39height as the lawn what we have the aging in the trenches good idea that’s
2:46taken place and we do that each one of the engine but every computer so that we
2:50can brush from the dirt back and cover up the bottom of the edging
3:14right over here
3:21drainage or chemical composition Taylor Hall were working here we’re gonna be
3:28fined yeah we’re doing is adding black dirt to build up the soil against the
3:33house and then has gone away from the house as keeps rain water from pooling
3:37up against the foundation with a big project like this not a bad idea to have
3:42a couple years a black dirt on hand if you’re stuck with some miserable looking
3:49topsoil you can improve it by adding some black dirt to a post or peat moss
3:55which is what we’re going to need here at this point we’re not figuring a lot
4:00of flowers but in this bed reporting any ground cover known as Pakistan Dera the
4:04nursery recommends that we first prepare the soil by mixing in about four inches
4:08of peat moss what you’ll do is just keep the soil nice and loose so that the
4:12roots of the ground cover and spread out evenly
4:29we started planning our first bed by putting in the biggest shrug a winged
4:35euonymus you always want the largest shrubs in place first to establish their
4:40positions before setting the smaller ones around them after that we were
4:48ready for the bare root forsythia that we laid out as a hedge in that same bed
4:52if you’ve never plan a Barrett runs before them pay close attention to their
4:59different from planting any other form first of all you want to take a plant
5:03off the bundle just one at a time and then cover the rest back up so they
5:07don’t dry out and then before putting them in the whole lot about a quarter
5:11inch off the end of each rut this is to promote new gross you want the whole
5:17about six inches wider and six inches deeper the roots themselves holes on
5:23exactly gonna be massive he also won the crown of the client that’s the area
5:27where the road start to be right at the surface level as soon as you get the
5:34right death you want to make a mound of dirt on the bottom of the hole for the
5:38Roadmaster sit on it should be high enough so that the crowd is just above
5:43ground level or two to four inches higher your plan on having mulch
5:54can’t looks pretty good there can you feel the whole halfway with soil
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