49cc pocket bike custom mods

49cc pocket bike custom mods


Joe Wall says:

My son has thats same pocket bike

skullcam says:

nice vid bro…i have a few pocket bike vids to

Slim Sqde says:

sounds like the pocket bike isnt running right, may just be the muffler but make sure ur fuel mixture, and fuel to air mixtures are right u don't want to blow the engine up

Drago Werx says:

Reddi Wip! That made a pretty nice looking muffler! I have a few small old propane tanks that I thought would make good mufflers but I'm afraid to cut/drill them (cant get the valves out to fill them with water)…congrats on 1k!👍

USN_Ret 84-05 says:

That hole in the ATV, you're correct, a plug goes there.

Ismael Zamorano says:

i love the pocket bikes

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