5 Brilliant Bike Life Hacks!

5 Brilliant Bike Life Hacks!

Check out these awesome life hacks for your bicycle!
Shot entirely with the Nikon KeyMission 170 in 4K. Thanks to Nikon for providing the gear.
See the Color Wheel Hack in 360° here: http://bit.ly/ColorWheel360
Check out the KeyMission 170 here: http://bit.ly/2nTHM6D

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Gus Bateman says:

What kind of headass uses zip ties for traction instead of grippier tires?

Sebastian Coetzee says:

If you want to see the 360° video use this link as it is the only one that works:

bru Bna says:

I have a lot of bikes stolen and I have stolen a lot of bike. If I have your phone number, I will call you.

Tyler_ 3535 says:

Why did you put you’re number

Zylnn says:

Stole some from seths bike hacks with no credit and the rest were terrible

51 50 Cuz I used to says:

You should've recommended "Tuffy" it prevents any flats forever

RetroX says:

Tip 6: remove the seat and drop s hotdog down the hole and put the seat back on

arcticdoggo says:

3:24 – the thief could also pick up your bike and put it in a car

Deepak Bhalerao says:

Sir , Make more vedios for wheels

kazman art says:

The ziptie one is also useless because what if you have to remove a tube or you have a puncture you have to cut like 20 30 zipties to get the tubing out

حسين أحمد says:

This is awesome 🤭🍉 thanks 🙂

Matthew Murphy says:

That padlock one is great!

Jose Meneses says:

Very helpful thanks

D_Pow says:

Try holding the toothbrushes in one place and pedaling backwards

Luda Cris says:

Does anyone else find his voice annoying? I think he belongs on Nick Jr or something

Dave Zombie says:

Anna Grubber use a U-bolt lock cause if they ride it with a padlock it will break your cain

Dave Zombie says:

I love riding my bikes also in San Diego year round good luck with your little note GPS would fare better

Mike wilson says:

the ziptie trick…DOH! only good for coaster brake bikes

Anna Gruber says:

These hoodlums in Ft Lauderdale stole my bicycle 3 times, even locked up. Thx for the chain lock tip.


3:4 is useless because it can be punchared

ArissaLaserhound says:

Why did he decide to put his address online???

SA MTB says:

what happens if i dont have a front shifter

Bmx Kickflip God says:

Kinda feel like he rides a Walmart bike

Daniel's Game Vault says:

The ziptie one only works with disk brakes (or use your feet to do it :)) ), as pad brakes would snag onto them.

Rita Dhiman says:

Normal cycle life hacks

Owen Le Bolloch says:

2:47 how do you brake???

kazman art says:

The last hack is a little useless because i live in an area which receives a alot of rainfall

Maria Loresil Wong says:

I am a sethbikes hacks so cool

Joey D'Egidio says:

seths bike hacks anyone?

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